Call Center Technology
Cutting-Edge Solutions for Your Calling Programs

InfoCision’s investment in state-of-the-art technology translates to a higher return on investment for our clients. All our call centers are equipped with the latest software and hardware to enable all our Communicators to make the highest quality calls and maximize results. Our call centers are also backed by expert teams of IT professionals.

Here’s a sample of the innovative technology InfoCision employs to benefit your business:

Call Blending: A Truly Seamless System

This one-of-a-kind system maximizes call center productivity by allowing Communicators to make outbound calls when inbound activity dips. With one of the industry’s most advanced, seamless call-blending technologies, we lead the industry in outbound productivity. Our system adheres to state and national laws regarding abandonment of outbound calls, and allows us to run several programs simultaneously without compromising individual performance.

Skills-Based Routing: Connecting With InfoCision's Best Communicator

image_33_techcenter.pngWhen it comes to building relationships, experience counts. InfoCision’s skills-based routing system matches our Communicators with inbound and outbound calls based on the program-specific training they receive and the proficiency they show for particular types of calls. For example, if we have 100 Communicators trained on a particular program, we can route that program’s most complex calls to the ten best Communicators in that group. That means every call InfoCision makes or takes is handled by the absolute best Communicator available.

Inscription: Customizing Screens For More Efficient Calls

To better serve our clients’ needs, InfoCision developed its own proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution called "Inscription". This application can be customized to fit the needs of any client. Inscription features comprehensive customer profiles, screen pops, script on screen, and the ability to make script changes on the fly.

Integrated Voice Response: Fast, Efficient And Easy To Use

The primary goal of any inbound call center program is to fully address the callers' needs in as little time as possible and leave them feeling great about the call. Integrated Voice Response (IVR) can be an invaluable tool in accomplishing this goal. InfoCision has invested in state-of-the-art IVR technology that gives callers simple, efficient options for accessing information that doesn’t require the assistance of a Communicator.

Remote Call Monitoring: Connecting With Quality & Satisfaction

Remote call monitoring allows QA analysts, image_31_callcenter.pngcall center managers and clients to tap into a program’s calls from any location. This gives listeners the opportunity to observe Communicators in action, evaluate their performance, and make any adjustments necessary to the script.

Program Reporting: Monitoring Progress By The Numbers

InfoCision offers a wide variety of standard reports, which cover key aspects of a call center program. All reports are system-generated and include (but are not limited to): agent-call distribution, call disposition, response rate, sales analysis, customer information updates, and fulfillment activity. We work with each client to create a reporting platform that best fits your needs.

Email & Fax On-Demand: Connecting With The Touch Of A Button

InfoCision’s multimedia blending capabilities allow us to integrate email, chat and fax into our call center activities without missing a beat. With these technologies at their fingertips, Communicators are able to respond to customers’ needs quickly and easily.

Automated Voice Messaging: Generating Inbound Volume

Voice messaging is a great way to generate inbound call volume and improve direct mail response. InfoCision will call your customers or donors and when we detect an answering machine or voice mailbox, we’ll leave a pre-recorded message from your organization’s leader or spokesperson. If a person should answer, you can choose to either have the recorded message played or have those calls automatically routed to a live Communicator.

*InfoCision is the only teleservice company to win the MVP Quality Award presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine every year since its inception in 1993.
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