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​Communication and technology continue to expand, creating new ways of reaching people. This poses challenges for organizations and their direct marketing efforts. With so many options available, consumers use the different channels – phone, mail and Web – in different ways. In an increasingly complex marketing environment, employing a multichannel strategy that speaks to individual preferences is a necessity. InfoCision's Interactive Solutions enable you do just that.

Online: Increase Customer Interaction

Customers are not only becoming more comfortable with conducting business and transactions online, many actually demand it now. InfoCision’s interactive solutions give you the ability to connect with customers or donors online, and – equally important in the Web 2.0 era – provides customers and donors a way to connect with their friends, family members and neighbors on the organization’s behalf. Our online marketing solutions support and enhance your phone and mail efforts, and can help you acquire new customers or donors in difficult-to-reach demographics.

Our innovative online services help you:

  • Meet online demand (it’s out there)
  • Make new connections through viral marketing
  • Reach new and younger audiences
  • Maximize ROI with a true multichannel approach

Data Analytics: Target Customers, Drive Results

What if you could reach your target audience with a customized message at the time they are most likely to respond? With InfoCision, you can do just that – and a whole lot more. Our Business Intelligence Group makes one-to-one marketing a reality. Comprised of strategic marketing experts and IT professionals, the Business Intelligence Group uses the InfoCision Consumer Database to provide actionable recommendations to improve your bottom line. With 110 million households and 56 million distinct phone numbers, this database offers unlimited opportunities for “getting to know” your customers.

Calling file and analytic solutions include:

  • Demographic and data overlays
  • Best-time-to-call technology
  • Predictive modeling
  • Data enhancement
  • Customer and donor profiles

*InfoCision is the only teleservice company to win the MVP Quality Award presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine every year since its inception in 1993.
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