Interactive & Data Solutions
Connect with Customers and Donors through New Channels

Communication is changing right before our eyes. A number of personal exchanges that once required a phone call can now be accomplished via email, text message or Web.   For organizations attempting to connect with customers, this shift has posed challenges; but it also has created opportunities. More channels mean more ways to reach people.

InfoCision provides innovative solutions to help you reach customers and donors more effectively. We offer website and landing page development, email marketing services, and unique products like our ONCORE Online Interaction Systems and our R3 Rapid Response Routing web-generated lead response system. These tools give you the ability to connect with a wider range of customers – the way they prefer to be reached. We also offer business intelligence services to help you target audiences most apt to respond to each channel.

Today’s consumers expect options, immediacy and personalization. In order to move successfully into the future, businesses need to embrace new ways of reaching people. With three decades of direct marketing experience, InfoCision continually tests and develops cutting-edge solutions to help our clients engage existing customers and reach new audiences. Used in correlation with our phone and mail solutions, InfoCision’s interactive and data solutions will give your organization an edge over the competition and increase your return on investment.

*InfoCision is the only teleservice company to win the MVP Quality Award presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine every year since its inception in 1993.
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