Interactive & Data Services
Innovative Tools to Enhance Your Customer and Donor Engagement

Whether you’re looking to enhance your online presence, connect with customers in new ways or better target your marketing efforts, InfoCision offers interactive and data solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Here are some of the innovative services we provide to make your direct marketing more dynamic and effective:


Websites/Landing Pages

InfoCision will help you develop websites, landing pages and online portals to support your marketing efforts. By providing customers or donors a more personalized Web experience, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. InfoCision offers design, copywriting and hosting to support our Web development solutions, and our IT experts have extensive experience with multiple programming languages, including XML, HTML, DHTML, .NET and Java Script. To compliment your calling program, we can integrate features such as dynamic content, credit card processing and shopping carts.
InfoCision’s ONCORE Online Interaction Systems provide an innovative way for your organization to promote a marketing campaign, reinforce your brand, and engage and interact with customers online. This unique product, customized to meet the specific needs of your organization or marketing campaign, enables your customers and donors to create their own personalized web pages. From there, they can communicate with your organization, email friends to visit their sites, and work to achieve goals. Ideal for fundraising and commercial applications.

Email & Text Message Marketing

In today’s marketing world, it’s imperative to take advantage of every possible communication channel to reach customers and donors. Two of the ways people now commonly send and receive information are email and text. InfoCision will help you connect with customers through these channels. We will work with you to develop a marketing message, target audiences, create lists, and send personalized emails and texts to customers and donors. These innovative methods of contacting customers provide an effective way to expand your marketing efforts and connect with new audiences.
InfoCision offers a number of business intelligence services to help you better “get to know” your customers or donors and achieve one-to-one marketing. These services include list development and data analytics such as predictive models, customer data profiles, segmentation strategies and demographic scripting. By pairing our innovative business intelligence capabilities with InfoCision’s contact center, mail and interactive solutions, your organization can more precisely target your direct marketing efforts to achieve better results and a higher ROI.

A lot can happen in a minute. One quick tick of the clock can mean the difference between being the first to reach a potential customer and losing them to a competitor. With InfoCision’s Rapid Response Routing product line, you can increase your lead conversion by connecting with web-generated leads faster, having pre-qualified prospects swiftly routed to your team, and instantly viewing and analyzing call results from your desktop.


Web Chat, Talk and Callback

InfoCision’s multimedia blending capabilities allow us to integrate email, chat and fax into our call center activities without missing a beat. InfoCision’s CLICK4CHAT® enables visitors to your website to exchange real-time messages with a trained InfoCision Communicator. With CLICK4TALK®, website visitors can actually talk live with an InfoCision Communicator. Using CLICK4CALLBACK®, visitors request a call and an InfoCision Communicator promptly makes contact on your behalf.


*InfoCision is the only teleservice company to win the MVP Quality Award presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine every year since its inception in 1993.
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