Print & Fulfillment Center
Fully Equipped to Ensure Speed, Quality and Accuracy
Print & Fulfillment Center
InfoCision’s state-of-the-art Print & Fulfillment Center houses:
  • 3 Kodak NexPress Digital Presses
  • 12 HP B&W Printers
  • High-speed B&W Digital Press
  • Multi-color Duplicator
  • Intelligent Inserter
  • 4 Manual Inserters
  • Off-line Glosser
  • Hydraulic Cutter
  • Tabber
  • Folding Machines
  • Perforating Machines
  • Carton-making Machines
  • Shrink Wrap Machines
  • Bubble Wrap Package Sealer
  • Complete Kitting Operation
  • 64,000 sq. ft. Fulfillment 

InfoCision’s Print & Fulfillment Center boasts 64,000 square feet of space, state-of-the-art printing and packaging equipment, and over 60 trained specialists. As the nerve center for millions of pieces of direct mail, printed materials and product shipping, our Print & Fulfillment Center (Fulfillment) is a key component in many client campaigns at InfoCision. The services this center provides directly supports the work we do for clients in our call centers. Within 24 hours of a call, Fulfillment is responsible for printing and mailing daily letters. Fulfillment prints an average 37,000 letters each day. Last year, we printed a total of 11.5 million letters.

Fulfillment also stores and ships premiums for many InfoCision clients. Premiums can be anything from CDs or books to mailing labels or merchandise. Fulfillment stores large quantities of premiums for clients. Fulfillment also packages them for shipping. Fulfillment has a number of machines that aid in this process: a box folder, a cold seal machine for layering bubble wrap on books and DVDs, an intelligent inserter, a tabber, a folder, and various other equipment to ensure materials get mailed quickly, securely and efficiently. Last year, InfoCision processed 4.5 million pieces of hard-copy fulfillment – including over 2 million kits and 2 million premiums.

InfoCision’s Fulfillment Center also functions as a full-service print center. Fulfillment handles the majority of print work for InfoCision internal projects – including printing over 4,000 copies of our company newsletter, The Right Call, each month. A pair of state-of-the-art Kodak NexPress color digital printers power Fulfillment’s print services. These innovative printers use advanced software that enables Fulfillment to print pieces for clients on demand. They also allow Fulfillment to print customized pieces in a single run. This is known as Variable Data Printing. With Variable Data Printing, we can print 100,000 pieces continuously and each printed piece can have different text, images and messaging.

*InfoCision is the only teleservice company to win the MVP Quality Award presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine every year since its inception in 1993.
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