Bad customer experiences are a brand killer, says study
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Samantha Wells
Senior Manager of Corporate Communications
Akron, OH , April 25, 2013
We all know that providing a great customer experience is important, but sometimes it’s hard to quantify just how important.  That’s why I was intrigued earlier this week when I came across the results of a study by Zendesk looking to discover the long-term impact of bad customer service.
Stats on good/bad customer experiences
The overwhelming takeaway from the study results is not that you can’t survive without providing an outstanding customer experience – rather, it is that you will never survive if you provide a bad customer experience.  Check out the stats: 24 percent of people continue to seek out the same vendor for two years after good experiences – and that’s important.  But 39 percent of people will avoid a vendor for at least two years that provides a bad experience.  And that number jumps to nearly 80 percent for high-income households – likely to be a target of any product or service that does more than satisfy basic human needs.

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