Response to False Media Reports About the Work InfoCision Does for Charities
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Samantha Wells
Senior Manager of Corporate Communications
Akron, OH , Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Recent news reports about the work InfoCision does for charities are completely false and misleading. Here is the story that has not yet been told by the media…

For 30 years, InfoCision has partnered with the largest and most reputable Nonprofit organizations in the world.  If the calls we make for charities were unsuccessful for them and if our clients were unhappy, we would not be able to continue representing them.  Many of our clients have been with us for 20+ years demonstrating we are providing value and integrity on a daily basis.

It’s important to understand that most charities use telemarketing as part of their overall fundraising strategy.  Without proactively attempting to renew lapsed members or acquire new members, any charity will ultimately lose its membership through normal attrition and in time may no longer exist.  Once the lapsed member has been renewed or the new member has been acquired, all their subsequent gifts will provide significant net return to the client over time. 

For-profit businesses roll out new customer acquisition types of campaigns all the time, such as free giveaways of sample products.  Consumers don’t question this strategy even though it drives up marketing costs.  Stores use what’s called loss-leaders to get people through their doors.  They’ll take a loss on say a gallon of milk in hopes the consumer will purchase other marked-up items in the same trip and, become a regular customer because of their shopping experience.

InfoCision does not make money on prospecting fundraising, in fact we generally lose money on these types of calls by taking on significant financial risk to bring on new donors for our Nonprofit clients.  The revenues are simply passed through to cover expenses associated with the calls.  InfoCision and our clients do generate a reasonable net return when requesting donations from active donors.  Think about all the research and all the good being done by the world’s leading health organizations to fight disease…Leukemia, Heart, Diabetes, Cancer…we help all these causes.  Without telephone prospecting bringing on new donors, the mission could not be accomplished.

A casual look at the solicitation reports with the various state attorneys-general gives an incomplete view of acquisition campaigns.  Anyone who is looking to determine the overall allocation of resources which a nonprofit organization commits to its core mission, should review the Nonprofit’s Form 990 filed each year with the IRS, which provides a comprehensive summary of an organization’s good stewardship of the funds entrusted to them.​

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