2018 Cybersecurity Preview for Contact Centers

There is one issue that should be on every business leader’s mind looking ahead into 2018 and that is cybersecurity. Experts are now predicting that 2018 could be one of the worst years yet for cybercrime.

What used to be a challenge primarily for data center technicians, cybercrime is now an issue for every business department — especially in the contact center, where thousands of communications are sent and received every day. In fact, the contact center has emerged as one of the most heavily-targeted areas of the enterprise by hackers.

One of the most frustrating aspects about combating cybercrime is that the threat landscape is constantly changing. New threats — and trends in defense strategies — are always fluctuating and it can be hard to keep up, especially for busy contact center managers who have many other responsibilities to look after on a daily basis.

Here are some things that customer service administrators may see in 2018 in the cybersecurity space:

Ransomware attacks will increase: Ransomware is now one of the most devastating tools that hackers use to extort money from businesses. It’s a special form of malware that allows hackers to hijack personal files and delete them at will. Oftentimes, hackers will accept payments and then delete files anyway. Ransomware experienced record growth in 2017, and now a company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds. We predict that this figure will increase next year, as ransomware tools are getting easier to use and less expensive.

Android attacks will get more dangerous: Two things are happening right now: Consumers are using their phones more than ever to resolve customer service issues, and mobile malware is evolving at a rapid pace. This is a bad combination, because it means that customers are now sending more and more data into customer service departments through insecure devices.

More companies will switch to blockchain: Increasing cybersecurity threats and continued data breach announcements will cause more companies to migrate to blockchain systems for transactions. Blockchain, in short, allows companies to share digital ledgers over a network of connected computers. With blockchain technology, there is no central authority — and no way to tamper with individual records. All of the data is public, and all in the open.

Companies will spend more on cyberdefenses: According to one new report, cybersecurity spending will exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. Companies will look to fortify their networks by investing in services like real-time monitoring and threat detection, advanced threat forensics and employee cybersecurity training. Expect spending to accelerate in 2018.

One easy way to improve your contact center’s cyberdefenses is to outsource operations to a third party services provider. A third party solutions provider will streamline all aspects of cybersecurity for your customer service department, sparing your team the burden of having to worry about it.