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Three Keys to Contact Center ROI Success

If your contact center has been simply plodding along operating at an adequate but monotonous level, perhaps it’s time to re-examine your approach. Every organization would like to generate a greater contact center ROI, driven by hard statistics like the one from a CEI survey stating that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.

But if building or expanding these customer communication hubs isn’t one of your core competencies, you may be struggling with exactly how to create those experiences. Fortunately, at InfoCision, we’ve been helping businesses maximize their return on contact centers for over 30 years. Here are our “must-haves” for organizations looking to start on the road towards ROI success:

Customizable solutions

A once-size-fits-all approach is generally not a good idea for any aspect of business, and the same holds true for contact centers. With flexible software like InfoCision’s proprietary CRM solution “Inscription,” your contact center can create comprehensive customer profiles consisting of only the information you deem important for your Communicators. You can also create a script that relays a specific brand message and tweak that message on the fly as circumstances dictate.

Ability to fine tune processes

At InfoCision, we believe in testing contact center and telemarketing strategies before they go live on a full-scale basis. We test the program step by step in a controlled environment, making improvements based first and foremost on results. Only once results are optimized in a controlled setting do we roll out in full.

Ongoing Quality Assurance (QA)

Establishing quality is only the beginning for contact center success. A multi-tiered approach to QA ensures that everyone from managers to expert Communicators to trainees do everything possible to keep customer service at the highest levels. Additionally, an independent group of QA professionals is critical as an outside, objective observer and brings added, much-needed perspective.

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