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What to Look for in a Multichannel Marketing Partner

So you’ve decided your marketing efforts need a serious boost. To get it, you need to team with a partner that offers multichannel marketing solutions. Now comes the tricky part: which partner do you choose? While every company has its unique needs, there are a few things you must ensure your partner can provide before you make your selection:

Years of experience in the marketing space

Let’s face it: a company doesn’t succeed for decades unless it can consistently provide valuable expertise. Marketing partners with longevity have refined their techniques over time, enabling them to offer your business the best chance at success.

Seasoned, professional Communicators

If you could speak to every customer individually you would, because then you’d know for sure your company’s message was being communicated exactly as you want. That is impossible of course, so the next best thing is to rely on Communicators with extensive work experience who receive rigorous and detailed company-specific training.

Analytics capabilities

Big data is all the rage for good reason. The volume of information being created by today’s technology is a gold mine for improving your company’s marketing efforts. But this is only possible if you can break that information down into chunks of actionable, impactful data for improving processes.

Robust direct mail solutions

Too often in today’s digital world, print mail gets overshadowed by email and social media marketing. Those channels are certainly important, but research from Digital Marketing Ramblings shows that 56 percent of customers still consider print the most trustworthy form of marketing. A true multichannel marketing partner doesn’t let any channel fall through the cracks, including direct mail.

Now that you know what to keep a close eye on you can make an educated choice about which partner can help you reach your marketing goals. Of course here at InfoCision, we do have a suggestion…

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