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Score Customer Service and Marketing Touchdowns This Season with InfoCision

Are you ready for some football? For millions of Americans excited about this NFL season, the answer is surely a resounding, “yes.” Fans hopeful to see their team hoist the championship Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season understand that the team that wins the title will work seamlessly together as a unit to do so.

Each player has a specific job he is assigned that plays well to his strengths and away from his weaknesses. As the season gets ready to kick off, business executives can take some inspiration from football for their customer service experts.

For instance, just because your company offers a better product or service than the competition doesn’t mean contact center customer service falls within your area of expertise. But considering how critical the customer experience is to today’s consumers, it should always be a point of emphasis.

Like a player on a championship football team, if you aren’t comfortable with a “do it yourself” approach to customer service it may make sense to partner with a strategic partner like InfoCision that offers top-of-the-line contact center technology designed to improve customer service, as well as a host of multichannel marketing solutions. Your reliable teammate can pick up the slack in areas outside of your core competencies, such as:

  • Omnichannel service and marketing that includes phone, direct mail, social media, email and other options
  • Call center technology that includes skills-based routing, call blending, IVR, remote call monitoring and more
  • Robust quality assurance that keeps contact centers running at a high level at all times

In business, as on the football field, having a capable teammate backing you up is a comforting feeling. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it might be the perfect time to partner up with InfoCision and let us help push you over the goal line and into the end zone.

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