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Let Analytics Tell You the Interaction Story

Years back it was nearly impossible to monitor the flow of a customer service call or the rate of success among a staff of operators. A lack of insight on the Communicator to customer interaction left contact centers in the dark when it came to improving strategy. Now, contact center analysts are able to utilize a wealth of data which allows them to leverage contact center services ROI with success and ease.

Modern contact centers are able to augment their inbound and outbound calls through advanced data analytics. Below are a few examples of just how informative today’s contact center business solutions have become.

Less Intrusive Outbound: Contact centers can leverage data from every outbound call in order to determine the best times to reach particular donors or consumers. Advanced data aides Communicators in appearing less invasive when they know what time of day is best to reach a particular person and, as a result, only call during that time of day.

More Effective Inbound: Business analytics also allows contact centers to track when the most inbound customer service inquiries occur per client. If we know that most of your business’ inbound calls come in on Wednesdays, we will ensure our most client-specific trained staff are on the phones that day.

Training Needs: A major part of contact center business analytics revolves around Communicator performance. Data can now be leveraged in order to pinpoint Communicators whose call lengths are too short or too long, indicating that further product training is needed. Coaches can actually get on the line of a customer service call gone awry and offer help in real time or provide instruction to the potentially struggling Communicator afterwards.

This is just a sampling of the ways in which data analytics has supplemented the success of contact centers today. Information can be extracted from each moment of a customer service interaction; why not use this to your business’ advantage? Want to know even more about how business intelligence can improve your contact center ROI? Check out this winter’s edition of InfoCision’s Marketing Solutions!

Steve Brubaker began his career at InfoCision in 1985. In his current role as Chief of Staff and as a member of the Executive Team he is responsible for HR, internal and external communications, and manages the company’s legal and compliance departments. Brubaker is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the American Teleservices Association (ATA). He also donates his time to serve on several University boards, including the Executive Advisory Board for The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at The University of Akron and The University of Akron Foundation Board. He has also been honored with a number of awards and recognitions for his contributions to the call center industry, including the ATA’s higher honor, the prestigious Fulcrum Award.


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