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How to Always Tell Your Customers ‘Yes’

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff

As a customer care leader, you do your best to give your Communicators the necessary tools to successfully navigate almost every situation they will encounter. Oftentimes, there is simply no adequate solution to a problem a customer is facing.

During these rare situations, it’s of the utmost importance that Communicators never tell a customer ‘no.’ Rather, Communicators must have the appropriate problem-solving skills to think on their feet and find a solution even if the remedy is not immediately evident.

Below are several ways in which Communicators can steer the conversation to ensure that they always tell a customer ‘yes.’

Offer alternatives: There is almost always an alternative solution to every problem. Unless, of course, a customer is making an outrageous claim that you simply can’t accept. Give the customer a few alternative routes in which they can take. Allowing him or her to choose makes him or her feel like he or she is in control.

Listen intently: Don’t try to talk over the customer or argue with him or her. Let the customer say his or her peace, even if you know what he or she is saying is incorrect. Oftentimes, customers just want to vent to another human being—don’t take it personally. Rather, listen intently to what he or she has to say. In doing so, you’ll build a good rapport and get down to the real problem at hand.

Go get help: If you don’t have an answer to a question, chances are there is someone who does. When you’re confronted with a situation in which you don’t know how to handle, enlist the help of your supervisor. He or she will be able to take over the call, and you won’t have to disappoint the customer by telling him or her “no.”

There is always a solution to a problem; even it doesn’t seem immediately clear. Always make sure you’re doing the best you can to please your customers.

Steve Brubaker began his career at InfoCision in 1985. In his current role as Chief of Staff and as a member of the Executive Team, he is responsible for HR, internal and external communications, and manages the company’s legal and compliance departments. Brubaker is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the DMA, SOCAP, and PACE. He also donates his time to serve on several university boards, including the Executive Advisory Board for The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at The University of Akron and The University of Akron Foundation Board. He is a frequent speaker for national events and has also been honored with a number of awards and recognitions for his contributions to the call center industry.

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