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How AI is Changing Customer Service

Your business is now at a crossroads with its information and technology management strategy: You can either keep doing what you have been, and experience yet another year of mediocre growth, or you can explore what artificial intelligence has to offer and launch ahead of your competitors.

It’s difficult to convey the amazing potential that AI has to offer. This low-risk, high-reward technology, which has been in development for decades, is now at a point where it’s commercially available, affordable and extremely powerful. If implemented correctly, AI could completely transform your customer service department.

But what exactly is AI, and how is it changing customer service for the better?

In layman’s terms, AI refers to the ability for computers to handle tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. AI is the main engine behind enterprise automation.

It’s important to understand that AI can be broken down into two categories including:

Machine learning: This involves using multiple, extremely powerful computers to process and interpret data. Machine learning is used for things like making software smarter and more effective, organizing information and uncovering key consumer trends and patterns.

Natural language processing: Natural language processing refers to a machine’s ability to process human speech in real time and respond in intelligent and accurate ways. Simply put, natural language processing lets computers have live conversations with customers.

One of the most popular and effective ways to use artificial intelligence in the contact center is by creating chatbots, or automated assistants. Chatbots can live in social media channels, websites and inside of apps. You can either build your own chatbots, or purchase customized models from third party technology providers.

According to one study, the global chatbot market will reach $1.23 billion by 2025. So this is a  major technology that just about everyone is talking about. Chatbots make customer service teams much more efficient. And they are much more affordable than hiring additional agents.

Consider this: One agent, equipped with 10 customer service chatbots, can do the job of 10 different people at once.

AI is also being used to streamline manual tasks in sales and automation. Now there are platforms available that handle complex, time-consuming marketing and sales processes—saving agents time, and drastically improving results.

When it comes to AI, remember: Don’t fear this technology. Respect it, and know that it has game-changing capabilities. But don’t be afraid to use it in your enterprise.

One way to use AI is to partner with a third party contact center solutions provider offering advanced, next-generation technologies. For more information on how to get started, click here.


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