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How to Avoid Sluggish Winter Sales

At last, the busy shopping season is over. We made it through yet another holiday sales rush. But now, for some businesses, the real challenge begins: The post-holiday sales slowdown.

Sometimes, business can crawl to a standstill after the holidays as the long winter months set in and consumers try to rebound from the holidays by paying down their debts. This period typically lasts until Valentine’s Day, which is the first major shopping event of the year.

Is your business in danger of suffering from the post holiday sales slowdown? You don’t have to throw in the white flag for the first quarter. Here are some things you can try to boost profits in the coming weeks:

Capitalize on tax cuts: This year, many American businesses and consumers will be receiving bigger tax refunds. Keep this in mind for your winter marketing strategy, and consider offering deals to attract buyers to spending money with your organization.

Go mobile: Digitalization is a top trend that businesses will be experimenting with in 2018. Most businesses are doing this by creating mobile apps. Now, you don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or wait several months for an app to be made. If you have data, you can pump it into an app maker platform and make your own mobile solution. Apps make it faster and easier for customers to engage with your business.

Eliminate time waste: Round up the heads of each department, and make an effort to identify the biggest time-wasters. Encourage your team to eliminate time waste, in order to boost productivity and drive sales. Marketing and sales departments should look to automation to take over time-consuming tasks like updating contacts lists, sending marketing assets and scheduling meetings.

Overhaul your contact center: Use the slow winter season to outsource your contact center operations. By planning an outsourcing project now, you can have a new and improved system in place when sales pick back up again at a future date. Outsourcing to a third party contact center solutions provider is a guaranteed way to drive more profits and ensure customer satisfaction.

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