Quality Assurance Drives Higher Return on Your Contact Center Investment

From improving customer service levels to aiding in brand management, the benefits of a comprehensive quality assurance system can have a big impact on the bottom line of your programs

quality assuranceIn business, the word “quality” is often thrown around. But what does “quality” really mean in the contact center industry and what are the benefits for companies who utilize high quality teleservices provider.

Having a robust and comprehensive quality monitoring and assurance program helps to provide companies with a higher return on investment through a number of different avenues, according to Brian Feisthamel, director of quality assurance at InfoCision Management Corporation, including:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and Communicator productivity by ensuring that all necessary information is being captured correctly on each call.
  • Helping Communicators understand how to improve their techniques so they can better connect with the customer from the first phone call, which leads to increased sales and donations.
  • Aiding in brand management by ensuring that all agents are consistently delivering the same messaging and a high quality customer/donor experience.
  • Allowing quality assurance staff to recognize opportunities to improve scripts, which can help drive additional revenue through increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Ensuring the ability to quickly scale up and match existing quality and performance metrics.

Read more from Feisthamel on how quality assurance provides a boost to ROI http://www.elabs6.com/c.html?ufl=6&rtr=ons=eju,14k5f,4rew,g7p2,hl7m,8qfr,cwk8

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