Enhancing the customer experience with every call

In today’s global market, consumers have thousands of companies to choose from. And, since there is little to differentiate your company from the competition, consumers have no reason to choose you over another – except for maybe how their customer service call was handled. Customer service done right can give you the leg up on the competition and provide that brand differentiation we all seek. customer service can make or break your company. Taking the time to hire the right people, evaluate along the way and think about the big picture is well worth it.

It’s no secret that in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, companies are focusing on the customer experience as a way to separate themselves from the fray and generate growth. At last month’s IT EXPO in Las Vegas I had the privilege of sitting on a panel with other industry experts to discuss “Solving the Customer Experience Equation”. Following the panel discussion I sat down with TMCnet to further the discussion and InfoCision’s focus on bringing the call center and customers closer together. You can view the interview here. http://bit.ly/1eLThRB

There were many takeaways from the panel discussion. Below I’ve listed what I feel are the most important. Success comes from more than just being polite on the phone. Processes and strategies must be in place to deliver a superior customer experience on every call and to maximize the value of that relationship.

Analytics- looking at the past to predict the future

Contact centers represent a vast resource of information and business insight that will allow you to effectively translate customer data into customer experience improvements. This is redefining the value of the contact center and positioning it as an important driver of the information value chain.

Harnessing the benefits of new technology

Progressive companies are incorporating the sales experience into the overall buying experience. In the contact center, much of creating a positive buyer experience is behind the scenes and completely unknown to the consumer. By creating a seamless experience, technology is helping to drive that lifetime value we’re all chasing.

The voice behind your brand

The agents making and taking your calls are representing your company in front of your most valuable asset – your customers. Agents are becoming brand ambassadors, who are extremely knowledgeable of a client’s company and product. They are focused as much on brand reinforcement as on task resolution. This is a shift from an “order taker” mentality. The focus isn’t just on getting the sales; it’s also to ensure a positive customer experience.

There are no shortcuts to delivering a good call center experience. With so many tools out there, and more coming down the pike, an intelligent contact center will adapt to new methods, tools and systems that will help marketers map the customer’s journey and differential through service. Customers who have experienced good service buy more, are more loyal and are more likely to recommend your product to others. Competition for customers is extremely fierce, and strategic use of call centers can provide a company with far-reaching benefits.

This is a very important topic and I’d love to generate conversation around it. I’ve listed some of the things InfoCision is focusing on. What ways are you delivering a superior customer experience?