Customer service critical to brand identity and customer loyalty

It seems every day there’s a new, exciting technology emerging that aims to make our frenetic lives a little easier. While many of these new conveniences are fantastic, most of us have, at one time or the other, experienced the bumps along the learning curve regarding setup, troubleshooting and the like. And when we need it, that’s when great customer support serves to strengthen that brand. I found Dan Pallotta’s recent Harvard Business Review blog post, Nest and Google’s Customer Service Problem quite insightful. Companies that have grown tremendously because they are incredibly innovative when it comes to technology, are now branching out into service industries. Providing a customer service option that is in tune with their customers is not necessarily in their wheelhouse. As they begin to hear more and more complaints they will begin to realize how critical the customer experience is to brand identity, as well as long term growth and customer loyalty.

Dan’s customer service blog post is timely in that our winter Marketing Solutions magazine just published and is focused on providing an exceptional customer experience. The cover story features our longtime client, Little Tikes, who has built a highly successful culture of customer service. It’s a great story and I encourage you to check it out.

Like Little Tikes, customer service is in InfoCision’s DNA. What about your company? What are you doing to move the needle? Leave a comment and let’s start the conversation.