In your time as a contact center manager or business executive, the lengths you have taken to ensuring the best quality of customer service possible has probably led you to read a lot about “agents” or “representatives.” These are of course widespread industry terms held by many; however, InfoCision isn’t one of many. If your goal is to create more than just adequate customer relationships and instead set the standard in your field, you may need something more than these industry standard operators—you need Communicators.

At InfoCision, we refer to the employees who answer calls as Communicators because they do more than simply represent your company—they are your brand ambassadors. They are essentially an extension of your own internal team responsible for expertly communicating your message and expressing your core competencies. Our Communicators hold an impressive level of credentials including maturity, experience and dedication:

  • Have an average age of over 40 years and an average tenure of more than 4.5 years, and 78 percent are full-time employees
  • Receive up to four months of client-specific training and are brand experts by the time training is complete
  • Are provided the opportunity to earn performance-based compensation, and as such are committed to the highest level of professionalism

In addition to rigorous training requirements, Communicators are assigned to programs based on their own affinities and skills, allowing them to truly flourish and feel invigorated from the inside out. We also route calls to those Communicators with the skill set to provide the clear resolution of a customer issue on the first service call. In other words, first call resolution isn’t a hope of ours, it’s a hard reality. Combining all of these factors allows companies to provide their customers an unmatched quality of customer service.

InfoCision has spent decades refining its culture to create best practices that help build customer loyalty. As a leader in the contact center and customer services spaces, we enjoy engaging business colleagues, sharing our experiences and leveraging the lessons we’ve learned as pillars for the years to come. We look forward to communicating with your business in the near future in the hopes of creating partnerships that stand the test of time.

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