Years ago, a company’s interaction with customers was largely limited to two points of contact. A consumer interested in a product would come into a brick-and-mortar store location and speak with a sales representative. If the consumer made a purchase and had a question or problem down the line, he or she would call a contact center for assistance.

In an age of rapidly developing technology and new channels, however, providing a top-notch customer experience requires a 360-degree approach. In many cases, the customer experience begins far in advance of the consumer’s first contact with a company and, for the most successful businesses, carries on far past the first purchase. In other words, the customer experience is now an ongoing journey.

For instance, research reveals that today’s buyers wait until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete before contacting a company. Studies have also repeatedly shown that consumers increasingly expect proactive customer service from companies they patronize.

But for many companies, providing this kind of 24/7/365 quality of customer service is a foreign concept; a comprehensive strategy for building and maintaining strong customer relationships simply isn’t part of their core competencies. For these businesses, teaming with a multichannel marketing partner may be a wise decision.

Industry-leading marketing and service organizations have the experience and tools to help acquire, retain, upsell and restore customers. These partners can help take some of the burden of providing great customer service off an organization with solutions like:

  • Top-of-the line inbound and outbound call center services
  • Demographically targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Email and text marketing and service
  • Web chat

Although the emergence of new channels creates added complexity for businesses, it can also be advantageous. For instance, research shows that the majority of customers are more likely to share customer experiences than they were five years ago and that consumers increasingly rely on consumer reviews to make purchasing decisions. That means that if a business is knocking its customer service out of the park, other people are going to hear about and be impacted by it.

So…are you ready to lead your customers on a journey?