In Marketing, as in Life, Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

A successful investor on Wall Street is confident a hot stock is going to soar, so he throws everything into it. However, unaware that negative company news is about to hit, his entire investment is quickly wiped off the map. Just like that, he learns the hard way to diversify.

The same goes for marketing; no longer is a one-channel approach effective. Even businesses that have relied primarily on one channel for years—such as email marketing, social media, or blogging—have had to re-adjust their thinking and create a broader marketing strategy. That’s because customers expect to be able to interact with businesses through their favorite channels. In addition to providing what the customer wants, change is also a natural progression for innovative leaders in any space; in fact, it should be a welcome one. Accordingly, companies need to adopt multichannel marketing solutions.

According to a Zendesk survey, commissioned by Loudhouse, two-thirds of online shoppers said their purchases involved multiple channels in the last six months. Furthermore, 87 percent believe that companies need to put an emphasis on making the customer experience more seamless.

So how can businesses migrate to omni-channel customer service and sales strategies? To begin, they can look into collaborating with a one-stop shop marketing partner with expertise across a wide range of marketing channels. By teaming with an organization dedicated to providing customized marketing solutions, business can focus on their core competencies without worrying that customer experiences will suffer.

Here are some other reasons why omni-channel customer service is the way of today and the future:

Customers are Everywhere

Long gone are the days of customers simply sitting at home and ordering a product from a land line. People are now constantly on-the-go, purchasing from any Internet-connected device and reaching out to agents across a variety of mediums. Multichannel marketing solutions are necessary to reach customers as they traverse the globe and surf the Web.

Faster is Better

The more channels a customer can access, the quicker his or her inquiry/complaint will be solved. Faster is better for all customers, and if their experience is adversely affected because the company does not offer Web- or mobile-optimized channel capabilities, the consumer is more likely to head elsewhere (a.k.a your competitors).

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