Five Attributes Every Great Communicator Needs

Every second that a call center rep spends stumbling over facts about the company’s product or putting a customer on hold to find information is a second wasted on the customer service front. And, eventually, if the customer reaches his or her boiling point a hang-up is inevitable. Just like that, another consumer is lost because the quality of customer service does not meet the mark.

Customer service reps, called “Communicators” at InfoCision’s call centers, must possess specific skills and characteristics to retain and attract customers. Here are five of the most important attributes that every great Communicator needs to succeed:

1.     Patience: Customer service reps should follow the customer’s pace. It’s important to make the customer comfortable with his or her frustrations and concerns, instead of pushing the individual and causing more confusion. In fact, putting a customer at ease can actually increase sales: 62 percent of B2B and 42 percent of B2C customers bought more after a positive experience, according to market research by ZenDesk.

2.     Empathy: Seeing a situation through the eyes of a customer is critical for a call center representative. At one time or another, all customer service reps have been on the other end of the conversation, frustrated with poor service. They must therefore learn to listen and build a bond with the customer, using whatever customer information is available to help smooth out the process.

3.     Focus: Customers want to have the call center rep’s full attention at all times. If they feel the agent is not focusing on them, they’ll be heading to a competitor for business. In fact, consumers are 81 percent more likely to return to a business after a positive service experience.

4.     Drive: A great work ethic and tenacity is key for customer service reps. By building strong relationships with customers, reps can help enhance brand value and maximize ROI for the company. Customers will remember that work ethic and continue to return instead of heading elsewhere.

5.     Product/service knowledge: The bottom line is that customers do not want to hear, “I don’t know” from a customer service representative. As such, it’s paramount that employees gain a deep knowledge of the product they are advocating through in-depth, company-specific training. If they don’t, your company’s bottom line will suffer.

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