Technology Spotlight: Examining Tools for Targeting

As a contact center manager you understand that employing polite, intelligent workers is a good start on the road to success, but it is far from a final destination. Instead, to keep up with the competition and stay relevant, businesses need to employ technological solutions that help them more efficiently target prospects for onboarding and current clients for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

A one-size-fits-all approach is generally ineffective in any area of business, and the same is true for marketing. Although your overall brand message should be consistent, it should be disseminated to different consumers in varied ways for maximum effectiveness.

Think about what your sales and customer satisfaction numbers would look like if you could walk into customers’ living rooms and solve their problems or offer them just the right product or service they need to make their lives easier. Metaphorically, that is exactly what InfoCision tries to accomplish with our multichannel marketing partners. What follows are a few examples of Business Intelligence technologies we offer that can boost your contact center services ROI by helping you engage customers on a more personal level:

Big Data Analytics

Without the necessary tools, a contact center wastes an incredible amount of actionable information that can be used to improve businesses processes across an entire organization. Every interaction contains information about the customer, but without technology that breaks that mountain of data into digestible chunks it is essentially worthless. Data analytics from InfoCision dive deep into customer data to highlight useful information that can be used to enhance any marketing campaign. Additionally, oftentimes analytics can uncover trends you may not have spotted—like an increasing number of callers confused about their bills—and get it sorted out quickly.

Predictive Models                                                                 

Imagine knowing what customers want before even they do. Once you have the pertinent data you can begin to use it to anticipate customers’ needs. Predictive modeling is the process of using customer data to predict future behaviors. Using these models, InfoCision can accurately determine which individuals are most likely to purchase a product or service. Armed with that information, you can simultaneously increase revenue and customer satisfaction by offering customers items they truly want and need.

Market Segmentation and Demographic Scripting

Market segmentation is the process of taking a list of people and grouping them together based on shared attributes. By targeting the right people, your organization can increase cost efficiency and drive response. It makes no sense, for example, to market products and services to a college graduate the same way you would a 75-year-old grandparent; the two most likely lead completely different lives with different priorities. Once you have the Business Intelligence you need, you can create varied telemarketing scripts for these customers—or let a multichannel marketing partner like InfoCision help you do it.

Implementing these tools can be difficult if they are not part of your core competencies, and that’s where a multichannel marketing partner like InfoCision comes in. Click here for more information on our Business Intelligence solutions.