Akron’s Own LeBron James Passes Tiger Woods on Forbes’ Brand List

As an Akron-based business, the entire InfoCision team was thrilled when our hometown hero, LeBron James, decided to come back to the state of Ohio by signing as a free agent with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron, an Akron native, has long been a source of pride for our community and we are so glad to be welcoming him home.

We were also excited to see that LeBron overtook Tiger Woods as the most valuable athlete brand on Forbes’ list this year. This is the first time since 2007 Tiger does not occupy that top spot, which is a tribute to the way LeBron has marketed and conducted himself over the past few years.

When LeBron left the Cavs to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010, many Ohioans—and basketball fans in general—were upset by what they viewed as a betrayal of his home state. Since that time, however, the basketball star has made almost no missteps in front of the public, maintaining a clean off-the-court image, which Tiger was unable to do. Additionally, LeBron has excelled at:

  • Starring in a series of fun, entertaining commercials
  • Continuing to expand his brand through marketing avenues like social media and the “LeBron James” app
  • Maintaining sponsorships with reputable brands like Nike and Coca-Cola

Just like successful companies are doing, LeBron has excelled at building brand awareness by taking full advantage of all available channels. Businesses can take a page from his book by investing in multichannel marketing solutions, which help you grow by getting the word out beyond your existing customer base. After all, Forbes valued the LeBron brand at a whopping $37 million for 2014, not to mention the $53 million the superstar pulled in on endorsements this year.

In other words, our hometown hero must be doing something right.