Is Social Customer Care As Successful As We Think?

Every business puts “customer care” at the top of its priority list, particularly in today’s highly competitive environment where consumers have so many choices and loyalty is at a premium. Social media service has been touted as the next big thing, and headlines heralded that it would soon make the old fashioned call center a thing of the past. However, a recent news article revealed the fact that social customer care may already be falling behind, even though it seems to be just hitting its stride.

Customer care delivered via social media may not be as effective as once hoped for several reasons. For one, there aren’t enough well-trained customer care professionals handling social media inquiries. While phone-based customer service is often delivered with a personal touch and a professional attitude, people may lack understanding of how social media works. It is also difficult to finesse a complicated service conversation or complaint over social media without special training and know-how.

For social customer care to be successful, customer care specialists must handle social media interactions must with the same poise, compassion, and professionalism that they bring to telephone or in-person interactions. Social media service shouldn’t be looked at simply as an “add on” or “extra.” Instead, service professionals should strive to fully develop it as a service channel. There are fine points to communicating via social media, and the rules for high-quality telephone interactions should also apply here—such as resolving problems quickly, reducing the need to repeat information, and providing courteous service.

With the right education and understanding in place, social media can become a fully fledged and effective customer service channel, but right now the risk is that it will fall behind and out of customer preference.