Apple Announces Plan to Let Agents Respond to Store Reviews


For years, Apple’s app store has been a one-way street when it comes to customer service. Users can rate apps, or choose to leave detailed feedback—both of which can encourage or dissuade new users from downloading, taking away an element of control from app makers themselves.


But unlike competitors such as Google, developers have never been able to actually address that feedback and reach out to customers to help drive a more satisfactory experience.


Earlier this year, however, Apple announced a new plan in which it will let customer service agents respond to app store reviews. With platform updates released in March, developers can now offer support, ask follow-up questions, respond to inquiries, or simply say thank you for connecting.


With this announcement, businesses should be eager to take advantage of this new opportunity. This new customer service option enables representatives to offer users a more hands-on approach for users genuinely interested in improving their experience. And for users who simply wish to smear your product and leave terrible and unjustified feedback, you’ll finally be able to provide reasonable counterpoints to them in a professional and public setting.


Of course, responding to such shifts in the customer service industry demands that you have the flexibility to scale appropriately and expediently. To learn more about how you can ensure that your customer service representatives are always ready to offer support, click here.