The economy has soared to new heights in 2017, and charitable contributions have followed suit. According to Giving USA’s annual philanthropy report, individual donations are poised to climb 4 percent to a staggering $390 billion this year.

But just because Americans are feeling generous this year, contact center leaders are in no position to rest on their laurels when it comes to engaging through donor outreach programs. You must work tirelessly and continuously to ensure that you can keep acquiring new donors, grow your network and offer an experience that will keep your organization front-of-mind all year long.

So what steps should your organization take to make your donor outreach program take flight? Adhere to the following three best practices and you’ll be well on your way:

What you do between campaigns is equally important:

Successful fundraising campaigns don’t just fall into place on the day of the event. It isn’t even about the weeks or months that you put into the planning of the event. Rather, think of your donor outreach program as an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance. If the only time your donors hear from you is when you need something, they’ll be less inclined to give. Instead, your program must consider the entire lifecycle of the relationship you have with your donors. The more engaged throughout the year, the more ingratiated they will be to your cause.

 Identify pain points through data analytics:

 Every outreach and every relationship tells a story with data. The more data you have, the more you’ll understand your donors. And the more you understand your donors, the easier time you’ll have identifying ways to encourage donations for your cause in the future. Don’t begin planning a new fundraiser or event until you’ve taken the time to analyze data from previous campaigns, so you can figure out how to avoid duplicating costly mistakes.

 Balancing inbound and outbound strategies:

 For many organizations, it can be difficult to handle a spike of inbound call volume and then pivot seamlessly to outbound calling. Leveraging a high-efficiency call blending system, or supplementing your representatives with outsourced assistance, can optimize your workforce to run a more comprehensive, consistent and cost-effective campaign.