Where Are Your Customer Service Blind Spots?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff  

One of the big downsides to managing a contact center is that it’s tough to see the forest from the trees, so to speak. In other words, when you are caught up in the day-to-day needs of your department it’s possible to overlook gaping holes in your customer service strategy.

Over the years, we have consulted with many customers who think their contact centers are performing at high levels when they are actually riddled with inconsistencies and performance issues. Oftentimes, customers are surprised when we uncover areas that could be drastically improved.

So, now is a great time to think about where your customers service “blind spots” are located. Is there anything that you could be doing better?

Here are some common examples to help get you thinking:

Identifying opportunities: Brands that fail to collect, process and utilize data also fail to capitalize on unique opportunities that could lead to upselling. For instance, a customer could express interest during a call in a particular solution that is not available to purchase yet. But unless an agent records a memo and makes it a point for someone to follow up in due time, that sale could fall by the wayside — to the detriment of both the company, and the customer. Therefore, it’s very important to be active about data management, ensuring that information is collected and stored during each and every customer interaction.

Fraud: This is a problem that is bad and getting worse, especially following the recent Equifax data breach which resulted in the personally identifiable information of millions of customers leaking into the general public. Experts, it should be noted, are now warning about a new type of fraud impacting businesses called synthetic identity fraud, which involves piecing together stolen data points from multiple consumers to form new identities. Making matters worse, there are many businesses that lack the proper security technologies and expertise for identifying and eliminating fraud. These businesses will have a very difficult time in the coming months as fraud continues to proliferate.

Agent performance: Agent performance is consistently one of the biggest customer service blind spots. This happens for a few reasons. First and foremost, most contact centers are too big to watch over each and every agent. Large scale contact centers typically have a very difficult time monitoring customer interactions and making sure that agents are performing up to expected standards and following company protocol at all times. What’s more, many contact centers are not using the right technologies for monitoring and tracking agent behavior.