Use Live Chat to Improve Agent Productivity

I’m willing to bet that right now, you are simultaneously chatting with at least a few different individuals on your smartphone. Maybe you are making plans with a friend, offering personal advice to a colleague and talking about business with a client. And all the while, you are carrying on with your own tasks in between messages.

Chatting online in near real-time, in other words, allows you to be highly productive — far more productive than when using traditional communications channels. After all, you can chat with several different people simultaneously when texting; you can only talk to one person at a time over the phone. And you can only send one email at a time, too.

For this reason, countless businesses are now adding live chat boxes to their list of customer service offerings. Web-based live chat has emerged as one of the most widely-used tools for customer service in the contact center.

What’s great, too, is that there is software available that automates the live chat process. Now, agents can supervise several different chat “bots” as they carry on conversations with customers in real-time, and intervene in key situations like when customers ask difficult questions. When done correctly, customers shouldn’t even know they are communicating with bots.

Here are some of the top reasons for using live chat in the contact center:

Customers want to use it: Live chat certainly can’t replace traditional communications channels, like the phone or email. These channels always need to remain open for customers. But many customers prefer to use live chat, because it helps them resolve issues much faster. With live chat, customers never have to wait more than a few minutes to speak with a representative. So offering live chat will be a welcome addition for your customers.

Help more customers: By responding to customers faster over live chat, you will reduce the number of dropped calls throughout the day. Many customers, for instance, hang up while waiting on hold instead of waiting. This happens much less with live chat. A single agent, too, could help five or more customers at a single time. So using live chat will allow you to get much more out of your agents.

Plus, you can use chat bots to offer low-cost after-hours care. The vast majority of after-hours inquiries can be solved automatically, sparing you from having to staff large numbers of agents. Keep in mind, though, that you should always have agents on hand throughout the night or weekend.

Reduce costs: By offering customers live chat, and encouraging them to use it instead of the phone, you will reduce your monthly incoming calls. This will mean less monthly telecommunications expenses.