Tips for Convincing Your Board to Outsource its Contact Center

In most companies, you can’t simply outsource an entire department like a contact center with the wave of your hand. You’ll need to go through an approval process that starts with the C-suite and ends with the board of directors.

With this in mind, it’s important to have a plan in place to sell your outsourcing project to your company’s board of directors. After all, outsourcing is no small endeavor and the board is liable to have many questions before agreeing to proceed with negotiations.

Here are some tips to convince your board to outsource its contact center:

Focus on disaster recovery: As more and more contact centers digitize their operations, the risk of downtime is increasing significantly. Just a few minutes of unplanned network downtime can bring customer service operations to a standstill. So, when speaking to your board of directors about outsourcing, you may want to focus on the benefits of keeping contact center operations offsite in a secure, third party facility. This way, if something happens to your business or its network, customer service operations can continue functioning without a hitch. This is called business continuity, and it’s one of the biggest benefits to outsourcing your contact center.

Mention cybersecurity too: When mentioning disaster recovery, it’s a good time to mention cybersecurity. After all, the two go hand in hand; in order to establish business continuity, you need a facility that can effectively combat sophisticated new cyberthreats. Third party contact center solutions providers specialize in offering secure, hosted infrastructure. They also train customer service agents on how to deal with cyberthreats, which is very important when considering they are protecting sensitive systems and customer data. Contact center solutions providers go above and beyond to ensure their clients are safe from cyberthreats. This will also make life easier for your IT team, who won’t have to worry about keeping an in-house contact center safe.

Explain the ROI: Next, make sure you mention the financial benefits of outsourcing to a contact center. There are tremendous cost-saving benefits to outsourcing, in regard to both capital and operational expenditures. For example, you won’t have to hire, train and onboard new employees or deal with agent turnover. You’ll also save money on infrastructure, data management and contact center overhead.

Talk about the customer experience: Ultimately, the reason that your company has a contact center is to ensure that its customers re well-taken care of at all times. Contact center solutions providers specialize in offering complete, end-to-end customer care backed by data-driven strategy.

So as you can see, third party contact center providers can reduce costs, increase security and deliver high-end customer care. If you focus on these points, you could improve your chances of persuading your board of directors to outsource operations.