Back when you first established your customer care center, you had high hopes for your donor outreach program. But now that some time has elapsed, it’s become clear that you need to overhaul your sales strategy. Your team isn’t generating the results it had hoped for.
Rest assured, your business isn’t alone. Many sales teams continuously fall below quota, despite their resources and experience.

What can you do to fix this problem? Here are five things you can do to jump start your sales:

1. Revamp your marketing strategy: Behind every strong outbound marketing initiative is a comprehensive and data-driven marketing strategy. Customer and donor ecosystems, in other words, need to be carefully targeted and maintained in order to generate repeat income. So if your outbound sales are sluggish, consider taking a hard look at how you are communicating with your target audiences. Consider implementing a robust, multichannel marketing strategy that nurtures and educates leads so that they will feel confident about supporting your brand when the time comes around.
2. Analyze your interactions: You will also want to take a look at how your sales people are interacting with customers. You can have a wealth of data, powerful technologies and a great strategy but you still need highly-skilled agents who know how to communicate with customers, reach common ground and plant the seed for a sale. Make sure to focus on process, and consider offering advanced sales training to help your agents close more deals.
3. Reduce time waste: While sales people are taught to “always be closing,” the truth is that sales teams actually waste a significant amount of time conducting manual backend labor. Work with your sales people to identify time waste, and either eliminate unnecessary processes or invest in automation solutions that will help agents close more deals.
4. Upgrade your technologies: It could be time to upgrade your software or hardware. For instance, how powerful is your customer relationship management solution (CRM)? Consider implementing a CRM solution that integrates with your phone system, so that your sales people always have a wealth of data at their fingertips when engaging with customers.
Of course, this can get very expensive! Which leads us to our next tip…
5. Outsource: Sometimes, the easiest way to fix a solution is to throw your arms up and admit that you don’t have the resources or knowledge to reach your desired outcome. Many businesses are successfully improving their sales efforts by partnering with third party contact center solutions providers offering advanced analytics, powerful hosted infrastructure and amazing customer service agents.