Domestic Call Centers: Consumers Prefer Calls “Made in America”

Domestic call centers can provide agents that not only speak the same language as consumers, but also understand the cultural nuances of being an American. This allows agents to better connect with the caller, have empathy for their situation, create better customer experiences, solve a problem and ultimately build stronger relationships that will last well beyond that phone call and lead to additional sales, donations, volunteerism, etc. in the future.

InfoCision Named a National Top Workplace

Quality, Integrity and Family Atmosphere a Winning Formula for Employees Typically when you see companies ranked as a top workplace you rarely, if ever, see a call center company listed. Well we just found out that InfoCision has been named one of the top 150 workplaces in the nation! Right off the bat that should … Continued

Client Feedback Defines our Effectiveness

Yesterday, one our talented employees sent me a word cloud that was generated based off client feedback.  I found it so interesting to see all of our clients’ words expressed in this creative way, and so I wanted to share it with all of you. For me, it serves as a good reminder that no … Continued

The Value of the First Impression

Sometimes, one shot is all you get. As harsh as that may sound, that is exactly the mentality that is required to succeed in any competitive environment. In our industry, whether it is taking a customer service call, or asking for a donation, our Communicators only have one opportunity to make sure each customer or … Continued

Quality Assurance Drives Higher Return on Your Contact Center Investment

From improving customer service levels to aiding in brand management, the benefits of a comprehensive quality assurance system can have a big impact on the bottom line of your programs In business, the word “quality” is often thrown around. But what does “quality” really mean in the contact center industry and what are the benefits … Continued

Career Path Progression

A dead end. The one thing no one wants to run into, especially when it comes to their career. I have been extremely lucky to have been with the same company as long as I have, but I have talked to plenty of colleagues and friends who have left jobs for the simple reason that … Continued

Rapid Response Routing – Customer Service for the NOW Generation

In the evolving world of direct interactive marketing, we are faced with great challenges and opportunities brought on by innovative digital communication technologies.  The combination of the internet and mobile devices has created a world where we have all become accustomed to having every bit of information we need right at the tip of our … Continued

Data and its impact on customer experiences

In business, there are few things as important as a customer’s experience. The customer service you provide has a huge impact on the overall perception people have when dealing with your organization. Often times, companies and organizations have collected plenty of data on their customers and donors, but are unsure what exactly to do with … Continued