Active Listening: An Agent’s Key to Customer Care Success

Being a contact center agent can be extremely hectic. Amidst fielding calls, finding solutions, answering questions and entering data, it can be easy to lose sight of the premier task at hand: helping customers solve their problems quickly and free of frustration. Regardless of how chaotic the business day gets, the No. 1 priority should … Continued

Engaging Your Customers Starts With Engaging Your Agents

One of the keys to providing quality customer care is to keep contact center agents engaged in their work. After all, agents who are dissatisfied or bored with their jobs are less likely to go the extra mile to help customers. Customers can also sense if the person helping them is disengaged or doesn’t seem … Continued

Three Steps to Improving Your Quality Control

In our recent blog post titled, “Are Your Agents on the Same Page?” I offered some advice on how to ensure your agents produce consistent results across the board. After all, inconsistency among agents can lead to customer dissatisfaction, because speaking to an enthusiastic customer care agent and receiving a lackluster and blatantly uninterested agent … Continued

Derive Insights From Your Customers’ Social Media Conversations

Today’s consumers are verbose, but not necessarily over the phone. Rather, your customers openly share, sometimes brutally, their honest feedback on your brand’s quality of customer care across a multitude of social media outlets. With that said, businesses ought to cast an eye toward the conversations that are continuously unfolding on platforms like Twitter and … Continued

How Word-of-Mouth Can Make or Break Your Contact Center Success

When a consumer has a great experience with a brand he or she is likely to tell friends and family about the experience, as well as recommend the business, therefore generating more leads via word-of-mouth. In fact, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer revealed that 42 percent of consumers are most likely to try … Continued

Top Ways to Create a Personalized Customer Care Experience

The degree of attentiveness and dedication that today’s consumers expect from their favorite brands’ has hit an all-time high. Just think about it; consumers need multiple modes of contact, immediate answers and even customized messages that target their personal needs. And, due to these sky rocketing demands, businesses must do their due diligence to meet … Continued

Study Finds “Agent Apathy” to Be the Root of Poor Customer Care

There’s nothing quite so disappointing as conversing with a customer care agent whose monotone voice makes it quite evident that he or she does not truly care about addressing your inquiry.  And, it’s no secret that this low-energy approach to quality of customer care will not win businesses increased customer retention or positive reviews. In … Continued

Do Your Agents Pass the Stress Test?

Imagine for a moment you’re on the line with a taxing customer; at the same time you’re in the midst of searching for an answer for another caller all while your call queue is steadily building. There are so many tasks at hand you simply don’t know where to begin or how to prioritize. Sound … Continued

Our Top Advice for Achieving Fundraising Success

At InfoCision, we continually remind ourselves of our goal to become the best, not the biggest, name in the customer care industry by providing highly valuable services. Our diligent team of Communicators works tirelessly to ensure that we’re providing the utmost quality of customer care to each and every individual we serve, which is why … Continued