Are You Arming your Agents with Enough Information?

It’s no secret that consumers weigh their judgments on a company based on its success in providing optimal customer care. Today’s buyers are more impatient than those of the past; in fact, more than half of consumers hang up the phone after being on hold for less than one minute. As such, it’s imperative that … Continued

Are You Spending Enough Time on Quality Assurance?

When’s the last time you received a well-rounded view on the quality of your contact center’s procedures? If you don’t use a regular method of quality assurance to stay abreast of recurring issues—think frustrated customers and ill-informed agents—then you aren’t serving up the best possible quality of customer care. Rather than turn a blind eye … Continued

The Power of InfoCision’s ‘Family-oriented’ Atmosphere

At InfoCision, we take pride in our supportive, communicative workplace atmosphere. In fact, we often refer to our offices as having a rather ‘family-like’ feeling. However, these past few weeks proved that this familial environment is, actually, quite literal. You know what they say; sometimes what you’re searching for is right under your nose. Well, … Continued

Leverage Big Data to Make a Customer-Agent Match Made in Heaven

In the not-too-distant past, customers were randomly matched with contact center agents based on the order in which their call was received—essentially like rolling the dice. Suffice it to say, this system was less than ideal as it often resulted in mismatches between callers and agents. Research shows callers have many different preferences that need … Continued