Identifying the Key Metrics of Social Customer Care

It’s likely you’ve implemented some type of social customer care as the integrated marketing solutions arm of your overarching strategy. After all, social media has become an important tool in which both customers and companies use to communicate with brands. According to a report from Aberdeen Group, companies with social care programs outperform companies that don’t … Continued

Facebook Messenger Emerges As Customer Care Platform

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have revolutionized the customer care industry as they not only help businesses better serve their customers, but they also enable companies build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. If you visit our blog frequently you know that we regularly discuss the surge of social care initiatives that … Continued

Twitter Soars to New Customer Care Heights

From social media to mobile apps, today’s consumers use a multitude of platforms and devices to communicate with brands and shop for products. In fact, most customers across a myriad of industries use multiple channels to communicate with brands. According to research from PwC, 86 percent of global respondents and 65 percent of US-based respondents … Continued

The Big (Global) Picture in the Contact Center Space

Consider this; there are 3.75 billion active Internet users, 2.206 billion active social media users, 3.734 billion unique mobile users, and 1.925 billion active mobile social users currently living in the world. The ubiquity of digital channels is precisely why contact center leaders are now racing to implement an omni-channel customer care strategy. This all … Continued

Social Care: An Emerging Contact Center Imperative

The main objective of a customer care strategy is to effectively support and communicate with your target audience to solve problems and build long-lasting relationships. Therefore, it is critical that contact centers leverage emerging trends in the customer care space to provide the highest quality and most accessible customer support. Today, social media has emerged … Continued

In Customer Care, You Must Pave Your Own Way

No two marketing strategies will share the same results when implemented in different industries. Therefore, when it comes to customer care organizations can’t simply follow the pack by adopting software and strategies used by other companies. Rather, they must investigate what’s working within their specific industry. For instance, a report from VentureBeat revealed that when … Continued

Does Digital Improve Real-Time Customer Support?

From booking flights to ordering dinner, today’s consumers handle many routine tasks online. As consumers continue to rely on digital, businesses must adjust their customer support by offering real-time customer support. Enter live chat. Live chat has become a valuable communication platform for businesses, allowing them to offer 24-hour customer support and cut down on … Continued

The Truth about Donor Retention in Nonprofit Fundraising

Successful nonprofit fundraising requires a strong marketing strategy and the use of intuitive technology that gleans actionable insights about prospective and existing donors. After all, retaining donors is much like retaining consumers in that organizations must understand their audiences’ demographics and interests so that they can personalize and target their messages for better engagement. But … Continued

Five Tools to Help You Provide a Stellar Customer Experience

We’ve evolved the term “customer service” into the more apt phrase “customer care” as it encapsulates the delivery, process and results that contact center leaders strive to produce for their consumers. As such, contact center employees are now expected to do more than solve problems, but provide a customer experience as well. Providing an all-encompassing … Continued