Marketing and Sales, They Go Hand in Hand

It is certainly logical to expand your contact center capabilities to light a fire during a new sales campaign. It also makes sense, in the customer-centric world we live in, to be prepared with extra support for customer service agents tasked with putting fires out. But in the hustle to provide additional support for a … Continued

What Is a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy?

Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi was once quoted as saying “Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will either be lucky or wrong.” We can apply this quote to the customer service space where many companies are still using outdated and ineffective strategies that aren’t backed by supportive … Continued

The Top Financial Returns You Can Expect When Outsourcing Your Contact center

The phrase “digital transformation” continues to be one of the hottest buzzwords in business right now, as organizations across all vertical markets are actively looking for ways to improve efficiencies, slash operating costs and drive stronger profits. Digital transformation is a phrase that you commonly hear in the data center, but it’s now being applied … Continued

Is Poor VoIP Ruining Your Customer Service?

  Cost control, reduced maintenance and business mobility are among the main factors driving adoption of cloud-based contact center solutions today. In fact, the market is anticipated to triple in value from 2016 and 2021, according to a recent MarketsAndMarkets report.   But as organizations move to run customer support operations through VoIP infrastructure, there … Continued

Apple Announces Plan to Let Agents Respond to Store Reviews

  For years, Apple’s app store has been a one-way street when it comes to customer service. Users can rate apps, or choose to leave detailed feedback—both of which can encourage or dissuade new users from downloading, taking away an element of control from app makers themselves.   But unlike competitors such as Google, developers … Continued

What Happens After You Outsource Content?

Outsourcing a major part of your business like your contact center is a big undertaking. You will experience a big shift in the way your company operates, and possibly in your day to day schedule. So it’s important to have a roadmap planned to guide you through the process and make sure everything goes according … Continued

Keep Pace With E-Commerce Trends in the New Year

Your online business must be responsive—not only to visitors but to trends which, if ignored, may trip you up eventually. With the quick pace of modern societal and technological advances, organizations need to keep a finger on the pulse of their industries and develop the agility to react to pressures at the drop of a … Continued

Technology to the Rescue for Government Agency Engagement

How is your agency operating these days as far as engaging with the citizens you serve? Ideally, you would answer that citizen engagement has been a key priority, so you’ve modernized your contact center and improved the citizen experience overall. The contact center provides a critical path between constituents and the state workers who deliver … Continued

Top Take-aways from InfoCision’s Recent Business Analytics Fair

Every phone call from a customer, every purchase or response to a direct mail campaign, every online inquiry—these are all perfect opportunities for your company to listen to customers and gather valuable insight. Leveraging this wealth of data means you can pinpoint customers’ needs, enhance personalization and deliver a more individualized marketing experience, improving quality … Continued

How to leverage your Big Data to generate Big Results

How do you leverage Big Data? That’s really the question, isn’t it?  The #BigData buzz word is floating around on Linked In, Twitter and in articles that marketing professionals see every day.  And with good reason.  Having a wealth of data allows us to personalize our marketing offers, creating a more effective pitch while also … Continued