The Changing Nature of Phone Calls in the Contact Center

By now we’re all used to the idea that digital technology is transforming our contact centers. A new report by Dimension Data says that most data centers will soon be equipped to handle nine different channel options, and that the number of digital transactions is poised to overtake phone transactions by the end of 2016. … Continued

The Evolution of Language in Customer Care

Happy, confused, angry… it can be difficult to tell how a customer feels in a text. Now that so much of customer care is taking place via text messages or email, Communicators may feel they’re losing one of the most powerful tools in their toolkit—a positive, upbeat tone.  According to widely published research by psychologist … Continued

Three Qualities Apparent in All Outstanding Communicators

The job of a Communicator encompasses more than just handling phone calls. Today’s contact center is a demanding environment that requires agents to have a broad range of talents and abilities in order to do their job successfully. While there are fundamental skills that every agent should have—including excellent communication skills, a professional demeanor, and … Continued

Why Customer Care Success Starts With the C-Suite

As the leader of a call center, your job encompasses a wide variety of tasks, not the least of which is motivating and inspiring your Communicators. Effective managers seem to do the job effortlessly, when in reality they are purposefully employing a host of skills and techniques to support their staff, which in turn increases … Continued

Improve the Customer Experience Through Positive Company Culture

Do your Communicators like coming to work? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! If not, it might be time to evaluate your company culture. As a contact center manager who is tasked with improving the customer experience, you know that positivity in the workplace spills over into customer interactions. But culture is about more … Continued

InfoCision Named a Notable Member of the OHBLN

  At InfoCision, our core business revolves around connecting with people—that is, helping businesses to forge meaningful connections with their customers. Long ago we realized we can do our job better by making similar connections in our community, a wonderful source of valuable and diverse employees. We—and our clients—have been reaping the benefits ever since. … Continued

Three Ways to Remedy the Customer Care Blues

It’s been said that customer care agents have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Discouragement is common, and expectations are high, sometimes leading to low morale and even lower self-motivation levels among Communicators. As managers, it’s up to us to foster the right combination of morale and motivation to keep our employees happy, … Continued

How to Avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ in the Contact Center

In customer care centers, data is everywhere. Almost every contact center has tools in place to capture it, knowing that data holds the key to optimizing operations. Likewise, most contact center managers are adept at turning this data into information through reporting. Reporting is particularly useful for monitoring purposes; when unexpected data presents itself, it … Continued

Is Customer Care the New Sales?

Things used to be simple. There was one goal: to make sales. There was one set of people tasked with doing that (the sales department), and one entry point to the sales funnel (the top). All that’s gone the way of the dodo. Now, with much of the buying process being “self-serve,” the game has … Continued

Predicting Consumers’ Next Move is Key to Customer Care Success

Today’s customers have pretty high expectations for businesses. Not only do they expect that the brands they do business with will know them like the backs of their hands, but they also want more personalized experiences. Communicators, however, aren’t mind readers nor do they have a magic crystal ball. They don’t have the skills or … Continued