The Best Way to Handle Customer Challenges: Kill Them With Kindness

At some point we must be honest with ourselves, we can’t provide perfect care 100 percent of the time. No company is perfect. There’s simply no way to avoid receiving at least a handful of negative reviews. Oftentimes, the person on the other end of the phone could be having a bad day. Nonetheless, it … Continued

Making the Case for Human Interaction In An Increasingly Robotic World

The phrase, “there is a time and place for everything” couldn’t ring truer when discussing the dilemma modern contact center leaders face when striking an appropriate balance among digital, automated and phone-based customer care support options. For instance, when consumers are pressed for time, access to digital support might prove most convenient. As well, automated … Continued

Derive Insights From Your Customers’ Social Media Conversations

Today’s consumers are verbose, but not necessarily over the phone. Rather, your customers openly share, sometimes brutally, their honest feedback on your brand’s quality of customer care across a multitude of social media outlets. With that said, businesses ought to cast an eye toward the conversations that are continuously unfolding on platforms like Twitter and … Continued

Top Ways to Create a Personalized Customer Care Experience

The degree of attentiveness and dedication that today’s consumers expect from their favorite brands’ has hit an all-time high. Just think about it; consumers need multiple modes of contact, immediate answers and even customized messages that target their personal needs. And, due to these sky rocketing demands, businesses must do their due diligence to meet … Continued