How To Improve Your Quality of Life Starting With The Workplace

Everyone becomes burnt out on some aspect of his or her life at some point or another. It’s an inevitable part of life; however, when it comes to employee burnout there are a number of solutions upper management can employ to remedy this problem inside the workplace.

And while there are people that feel their work life and personal life should be entirely separate entities, it’s almost impossible for the two to not bleed together, especially when one is affecting the other in a negative way. For instance, if you have a poor diet outside the workplace and you are too exhausted from the work day to even consider exercising afterwards your overall health might not be conducive to a focused, upbeat attitude during work.

However, businesses that inspire their employees to improve their quality of living both inside and outside the workplace are generally better, stronger and more collaborative companies. In fact, a recent study from Virgin Pulse titled “9 Habits You Need For a Thriving Workforce” revealed that 67 percent of employees who work at organizations that promote good health and wellness say their company is a better place to work. In addition, these companies experience 55 percent lower turnover and 46 percent higher employee engagement levels.

The study also goes on to suggest the ways in which companies can help their employees build better habits. Here a few best practices that contact center supervisors can implement to improve the well-being of their employees:

  • Match employees with tasks that capitalize on their strengths
  • Create a dedicated professional development program that aims to help employees reach their personal and professional goals
  • Provide more robust health, dental, insurance benefits to ensure your employees receive nothing but the best care
  • Take measured steps to encouraging a healthy lifestyle by offering gym memberships or providing a wellness program
  • Dedicate yourself to ensuring your corporate culture is positive, team oriented and encouraging

Helping your employees improve their quality of living isn’t just about improving productivity to produce higher contact center services ROI. Rather, it’s a crucial step in demonstrating your care for your employees and your appreciation for all of their hard work.

Steve Brubaker began his career at InfoCision in 1985. In his current role as Chief of Staff and as a member of the Executive Team, he is responsible for HR, internal and external communications, and manages the company’s legal and compliance departments. Brubaker is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the DMA and PACE. He also donates his time to serve on several university boards, including the Executive Advisory Board for The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at The University of Akron and The University of Akron Foundation Board. He has also been honored with a number of awards and recognitions for his contributions to the call center industry, including the ATA’s highest honor, the prestigious Fulcrum Award.

Employee Health is a Key Factor in Performance

employee health“Eat your fruits and vegetables” was something most of us heard from our mothers growing up.  But would you believe that same suggestion could actually help your employees to produce better results in their jobs?  It’s true, according to a recent study from the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

The study found that improved job performance and reduced absenteeism were present in employees who led healthy lifestyles.  Specifically, their data showed that employees who were healthy eaters, regular exercisers, non-obese – and yes, even those who regularly ate their fruits and vegetables – performed better on the job and missed less workdays compared to other employees.

The Time to Start Impacting Employee Health is NOW

At InfoCision, we have long said that a healthier employee is a happier employee, who is going to perform better for the company and our clients.  That’s why we implemented a comprehensive employee health and wellness program in 2006 that includes on-site fitness and wellness centers, fitness contests, health fairs, regular health information dissemination, and free smoking cessation programs among other things.

I’m sharing this report because I hope more companies will give serious thought to employee health’s effect on a business. Increasingly we have seen reports such as this come out, and it is becoming more and more evident that helping your employees be healthy is more than just the right thing to do; it’s a sound business decision that can boost your company’s performance and actually curb the rising cost of your health insurance premiums – as it has here at InfoCision.

If you have any observations on the study or suggestions for employers to help their workers be healthier, please leave a comment below.  I’d enjoy reading your thoughts.

InfoCision: The Healthy Call Center

Last week, InfoCision’s Chair of the Board, Karen Taylor shared an interesting article with us about the benefits of periodically standing up at work instead of sitting down all day.  It really got me thinking about how important it is to stay focused on healthy activities, especially when working in a role that may require being seated for long periods of time. I found a similar article in the New York Times advocating getting up and moving around throughout the workday in a number of creative capacities.

Here at InfoCision, we try to do everything we can to help our employees live a healthier lifestyle, and when we see articles like this, we feel obligated to pass the information along.  For the same reasons, we have established annual health fairs, which take place at all our call center locations throughout the months of August and September. We believe that a healthier,

Members of our Employee Benefits team working a booth at our Health Fair at our corporate headquarters in Akron, OH

engaged workforce begins with employees that are encouraged and given the tools to make good health a priority. These health fairs provide team members with access to 30 or more vendors who offer free health screenings including blood pressure, body fat, BMI, cholesterol and glucose checks; and information on health issues, health insurance and other valuable employee benefits.  The health fair we just concluded at our Akron headquarters drew more than 500 individuals in one afternoon looking to find ways to improve their health and their lives!

Does the cost pay off?

At times, when I mention the amenities that we offer our employees, I am asked “Isn’t that expensive?” The answer is yes, there is a cost, but it’s well worth it and ultimately we receive a measurable ROI from our overall wellness programs.  By providing employees with convenient and affordable access to health information and resources, we have seen our workforce respond by becoming healthier, which has kept insurance rates from rising for both the company and our employees themselves.

And beyond the business reasons, it’s really just the right thing to do for all our staff. A healthier employee is a happier employee and it is well worth the cost to make sure our employees are taken care of so they can provide the best service possible to our clients. It’s a winning formula for everyone!

InfoCision: A top place to work in Northeast Ohio; and how your company can become one too

As I travel around to our 13 locations to celebrate our annual Employee Appreciation Days with our wonderful staff, it is an interesting coincidence that I just learned that The Plain Dealer has named InfoCision one of 25 Top Workplaces in Northeast Ohio for the third consecutive year, among large employers.

We want to be THE employer of choice in every community where we operate and our Employee Appreciation Days are just one of the many things we do to create a positive working environment for our employees. We also have programs like on-site fitness centers, on-site wellness clinics, on-site or subsidized child care, tuition reimbursement, a well-defined career progression path and a host of other employee programs. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive programs to make your employees feel appreciated. Here are several inexpensive programs anyone can take advantage of:

  • EAP Program
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Dependent day care savings plan
  • Discounted classes through local universities
  • Time off to volunteer
  • Healthy food choices in vending machines
  • Health fairs
  • Open door policy
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Employee forums

Making it onto a list like this is wonderful validation for us, because it is compiled based on surveys of employees by an independent vendor. It shows that employees really do appreciate it when the company goes above and beyond to help them succeed – not just at work, but also in their personal lives.

What workplace programs do you have that your employees really appreciate?  By sharing ideas, we can all create an environment of happy, healthy employees. And check back next week, when I blog about all the fun I’ve had at our Employee Appreciation Days and the statistics that provide the ammo for why these programs work.