Taking an Honest Look at Your Customer Service When the Holidays Are Over

During busy season, business hours are typically extended and the volume of customers reaching out to call centers to ask questions or make purchases increases dramatically. As the atmosphere inside companies grows hectic, many executives and their employees simply put their heads down and work towards the finish line, rarely taking even a second to … Continued

The Importance of Call Center Compliance

As every business leader knows, there are always going to be times when an organization must take risks.  However, when it comes to regulatory compliance in the call center industry, taking risks should never be an option.  Capital One Financial Corp, which has been working exclusively with low-cost offshore call center vendors, was recently fined … Continued

More than lip service: Quality involves detailed analysis

InfoCision’s commitment to quality never wavered through its growth and expansion. “Our goal is to deliver our clients the highest possible return on investment, and our commitment to quality has enabled us to produce superior results,” says Brian Feisthamel, director of quality assurance at InfoCision. InfoCision actively demonstrates its belief in quality through its quality … Continued