Five Scary Contact Center Interactions to Banish This Halloween

As we prepare to ward off ghouls and ghosts on October 31, are you certain your contact center isn’t haunted by some frightening phantoms of its own? Some Communicator behaviors, as well as some contact center processes, can spook your customers if they don’t meet customer expectations. Here are five scary things to unmask in … Continued

Integrate Disparate Technologies to Smooth Contact Center Interactions

Having gained the upper hand in the marketplace, consumers are driving companies to excel at meeting their wants and needs. To gain this edge, companies are implementing technologies—from interactive voice response (IVR) to customer relationship management (CRM) tools—that give them a leg up on their competitors by enabling them to provide top-notch customer service. Otherwise … Continued

Expedia: A Case in Customer Crisis

Our society is not without its nastier aspects. People aren’t always nice or polite to each other. Some people have a hard time empathizing with someone else’s pain or treating them the way they’d like to be treated themselves. But when one of these individuals works in your contact center, the danger to your business … Continued

It Takes a Strong IT Team to Run a Call Center

Think about all of the different components that must fall into place for a high-quality phone interaction between a Communicator and a customer. First, the incoming call must be received by the business network. Then, data must travel through the network over a system of cables, routers and switches to reach the call center. What’s … Continued

Differentiate Your Brand With Unbeatable Customer Experiences

How do you achieve success in a saturated market, where hundreds of other companies are offering products similar to yours? It requires finding a way to stand out from the pack to capture the attention of consumers. One easy way your brand can do this is to create inimitable customer experiences in your call center … Continued

Customer Care: A Magnet for Consumer Retention

We are in a new era of consumer relations: the Information Age. With technology readily available to your customers, your contact centers have to be more effective than a Google search when addressing their needs. Although this will require extra effort, you’ll notice a great increase in your brand-loyal customers. The trick to retaining customers … Continued

The Evolution of Language in Customer Care

Happy, confused, angry… it can be difficult to tell how a customer feels in a text. Now that so much of customer care is taking place via text messages or email, Communicators may feel they’re losing one of the most powerful tools in their toolkit—a positive, upbeat tone.  According to widely published research by psychologist … Continued

Focus on Customer Care to Skyrocket to Success

Good customer experiences are good for business. In the past, that meant having a smile at the ready and fielding a few phone calls, but we’ve come a long way since then. Today, the customer is in control. Companies are well aware that quality of service can significantly impact their bottom line; it also determines … Continued

Improve the Customer Experience Through Positive Company Culture

Do your Communicators like coming to work? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! If not, it might be time to evaluate your company culture. As a contact center manager who is tasked with improving the customer experience, you know that positivity in the workplace spills over into customer interactions. But culture is about more … Continued

Slow and Steady Wins the Customer Care Race

You’ve likely heard the Aesop tale about the tortoise and the hare. And from it, you learned the importance of pacing yourself—in any situation—because, as the hare learned when the tortoise crossed the finish line first, slow and steady wins the race. This lesson applies to achieving success in the customer care industry as well. … Continued