Legal and Compliance – A Driving Force Behind High Quality

In the Call Center industry, some very complicated regulations and laws have been established at both state and national levels, in attempt to protect the consumer.  InfoCision employs expert legal counsel to ensure we stay apprised of new and updated regulations.  InfoCision is regulated by many entities – from individual Secretary of State offices to … Continued

Getting Comfortable With the Outsourcing Model

As a contact center manager, you may be kept busy all day conveying guidance and instructions to agents. If that’s the case, you may want to step back from your hands-on approach for a moment and take a bird’s eye view of the service you’re providing when customers reach out to you. Is your team … Continued

Voice Interactions and Quality Reps Still Reign in the Contact Center

On this blog we frequently discuss how critical it is that contemporary businesses employ multichannel marketing and customer service solutions. Indeed, customers increasingly expect to be able to reach a company via their preferred channel, meaning a multi-channel approach is essential to providing a high quality of customer service. Still, voice remains the most popular … Continued