Work at Home – Flexibility in the Contact Center Space

Providing flexibility for a workforce is paramount to the long-term satisfaction of many employees in today’s job market. At InfoCision, we have an entire program that offers our contact center staff the option to work from the convenience of their home in a virtual call center environment. Our staff involved in this unique program receive … Continued

Team Empowerment in the Contact Center

Everyone can agree that it’s important to empower your workforce but developing best practices to boost retention and morale in the contact center space is critical. At InfoCision, we have decades of experience, which equates to a plethora of time-tested, valuable ideas. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a time like no other … Continued

10 Tips for Reducing Contact Center Attrition

Once you’ve hired, onboarded and trained a new Communicator, you’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into their employment with your organization. Losing an associate is a near tragedy, certainly a disruption to the workflow, a decrease in productivity and an expense. Unfortunately for the industry, average contact center turnover ranges between 30 … Continued

Use Employee Surveys to Drive Business Improvements

In a recent blog, I wrote about the employee forums I host with InfoCision workers to encourage open conversations about our business and their roles within the company. During these face-to-face meetings, I conduct surveys to help choose topics for discussion, but results are also shared with corporate executives to drive business improvements. I also … Continued

Best Practices for Engaging With Your Employees to Boost Business Outcomes

I find that meeting with workers on a regular basis builds rapport and opens lines of communication, so I host quarterly InfoCision employee forums. I invite workers to participate voluntarily, and they’ve become an eager and receptive audience. After all, we share information pertinent to the business that supports our livelihoods. I gain valuable insights … Continued

Tips for Offering Feedback in the Contact Center

As a contact center leader, you spend a great deal of time observing Communicators during customer interactions. In this way, you have become quite familiar with the individual strengths and weaknesses of your team members. Your job is to convey these observations to your Communicators on a regular basis and help them perform their best. … Continued

Walk a Mile in Your Agents’ Shoes

Here’s a management technique that’s been heard around the world: Unobtrusively, a manager wanders around the workplace, keeping his or her eyes and ears open for an employee who’s doing something right. After observing one such activity, the manager reinforces that behavior with a one-minute praising, which essentially consists of telling people specifically what they … Continued

Is Talent Development on Your To-do List?

A recurring item on every contact center manager’s list of concerns is retaining customer care agents. In contrast, an item that’s often missing from that very same list is talent development. The key to addressing the former is to take action on the latter; yet, for a variety of reasons, very few managers do so. … Continued

Customer Care: The Next Big Marketing Channel

As a business owner, you already know that customer care is critical to integrated marketing. After all, Communicators must tactfully reply to social media customer care quandaries. What’s more, great customer care boosts the reputations of companies, thereby, heightening the credibility and visibility of marketing campaigns. But recently, customer care has been recognized as a … Continued

Trends to Watch in 2016: Insight From Industry Experts

As a customer care leader, it’s a key part of your role to keep abreast of industry trends. After all, you want your team to remain competitive. With that said, let’s explore some of the top trends should you be watching throughout 2016. Recently, Parature released an eBook entitled, “10 Customer Service Trends to Watch … Continued