Work at Home – Flexibility in the Contact Center Space

Providing flexibility for a workforce is paramount to the long-term satisfaction of many employees in today’s job market. At InfoCision, we have an entire program that offers our contact center staff the option to work from the convenience of their home in a virtual call center environment. Our staff involved in this unique program receive … Continued

How to Prevent Your Communicators From Choking Under Pressure

When there is a lot at stake, many professionals, including athletes, singers, and politicians, may face the fear of choking under pressure. Whether it’s your Olympic career, your record deal or your candidacy on the line, it becomes difficult to perform at your highest potential when the stress is insurmountable. In the same vein, Communicators … Continued

What Makes Your Employees Engaged and Satisfied?

Over the past few weeks, Cleveland has been abuzz with talk about LeBron James and the future of the Cavaliers. James recently made headlines when he declined his player option and became a free agent before signing a new two-year deal that also contains an option for 2016. Why was this announcement significant? James essentially … Continued

Three Great Ideas for Team Building

A healthy company has numerous positive characteristics, all which help contribute to its overall success. One important concept that is sometimes overlooked, however, is the power and importance of a close-knit team of employees. When co-workers share a genuine connection, they are happier in the office and more motivated to support colleagues both inside and … Continued