House your training materials, signoffs, and acknowledgement forms with our InfoLearning Center, and we’ll provide you full access to tracking and reporting functionality to keep you organized and on pace to goal. We design, develop, and maintain the Learning Management System for you utilizing client-provided material OR original content created by our ILC team. Our managed LMS service allows you the convenience of owning your own Instructional Design Team and Learning Management System but at a fraction of the cost!

Take your in-house training to the next level

Consistent Training

Get the exact training experience you need, regardless of physical location, schedule or resources.

Companywide Deployment

Roll out training for policies, new programs and updates to the entire company at once.

Right-Sized Learning

Content is delivered in a way that is meaningful to all types of learners.

Save Time & Money

Training can be done at any workstation or device that is Internet accessible. Save money, travel and instructional time.

Keep learners engaged and thinking critically with simulated scenarios, quizzes & gamification.

Get started with interactive training

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