Reaching your customers when, where, and how they choose while giving them the same great support is critical to your brand identity.

Offer a consistent experience to customers across different touch points

Text Benefits
  • Effective: 97% of texts are read
  • Immediate
  • Pre-scripted blast text capabilities or manual delivery options
  • Engage customer
Chat Benefits
  • Immediate / on-demand
  • Multiple, concurrent sessions
  • Templated, pre-approved responses
  • Automated chatbots minimize agent time
  • Consent not required (few compliance concerns)
  • Minimal cost
Email Benefits
  • 24-hour response cycles
  • Asynchronous communication (not time-sensitive)
  • Easy escalation to experts
  • Templated, pre-approved responses
  • Consent not required
  • Minimal cost

Consumers interact with brands across countless channels and media platforms.

  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Surveys
  • Internet
  • Direct mail
  • Phone calls
  • In-store
  • Emails
  • Ratings & review sites
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