How to Respond After a Data Breach

The world recently watched in horror when it was revealed that hackers stole the personal data of at least 143 million customers from credit agency Equifax.

The company received further attention, though, for its customer service team’s questionable response after the hack was announced. Employees reportedly did not know that the breach took place when customers dialed in.

Of course, there could be many reasons as to why this happened. But it serves as an important reminder about the need for real-time communication, and emergency response planning, in the contact center. First and foremost, communication is absolutely critical. All team members must be notified as soon as possible, so that they are ready to spring to action and deliver the appropriate messages at the right time.

Remember: Immediately after a data breach, your team members need to spring to action with unified messaging to handle angry customers, listen to their rants and try to keep them from leaving the company and going to competitors. This is customer service damage control at its hardest.

When shopping for a contact center solutions provider, don’t limit yourself to thinking about what they can provide for your organization when things are going well. Think about how they will respond when emergencies arise. Do they have the communications technologies in place to transmit information quickly? And are there strong leaders in place to ensure to align team members and perform response management? Taking the time to think about these questions early on could save your organization a great deal of trouble down the line.


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