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Top-Notch Omni Channel Contact Center Services

Infocision is a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing top-notch, customer care and call center services that elevate your business to new heights.

With over 40 years of experience and a passion for innovation, we deliver world-class tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

World-Class Sales, Care and Retention Solutions

With over four decades of delivering exceptional performance and unrivaled customer experience for our clients, you too can elevate your business by joining the ranks of top nonprofit and commercial enterprises as an esteemed partner of InfoCision.

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Scalable Solutions Customized for Your Needs

Our unwavering commitment to adaptability ensures that we can scale our InfoCision services to perfectly match your needs. Our inbound/outbound platform, along with staffing flexibility of up to 3,000+ agents, empowers us to handle inbound spikes, surging as high as 40,000 calls per day.

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Investment in Agent Excellence

At the heart of our success lies our people-centric approach, meticulously honed over nearly four decades as an award-winning contact center. We leverage cutting-edge technology while fostering a culture of continuous growth and development, creating a cohesive, successful remote team.

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Global Reach, Local Expertise

As a global presence, we cater to your bilingual needs with strategic locations in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Philippines. Our multilingual call centers boast extensive experience in diverse industries, including insurance, healthcare, and credit card management.

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Earning Customer Satisfaction, Every Interaction Matters

At InfoCision, we understand that customer satisfaction is not assumed; it is earned through every single touchpoint. Our customer service solutions are meticulously crafted, recognizing that each interaction is a chance to nurture lifetime loyalty for your brand—from the very first contact and conversation.

Choose the Solution that Fits Your Needs

Discover a range of flexible solutions meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs and program goals. With a variety of pricing options available, you can find the perfect fit that aligns with your customer care requirements, ensuring optimal performance and success for your business.

Brick and Mortar

  • Small, personalized centers
  • Agents and Supervisors onsite

Work at Home

  • Flexible agents working on our secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Fully supported by our supervisors and leadership


  • A combination of our Brick & Mortar and Work @ Home solution
  • Located near one of our facilities with the ability to come onsite

Choose the Right Fit for Your Business and Program Goals. Contact Us Today!

Commercial and Fundraising Models

Expert multi-touch, omni-channel support to world class, nationally recognized brands in the following verticals:

  • Cable and Internet Sales, Service & Retention
  • Mobile Wireless Sales, Service & Retention
  • Consumer Product Sales & Service
  • Direct Response Services
  • DRTV Product Sales & Service
  • Healthcare Services, Marketing and Support
  • Automotive Sales & Service
  • Logistics and Answering Services
  • Breach Response
  • B2B Sales and Support/Business Account Management

Expert multi-touch, omni-channel fundraising and donor service support to world class, nationally recognized nonprofit organization brands in the following verticals:

  • Hospitals and Health
  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Service
  • Membership and Association
  • Arts and Cultural Institutions
  • Faith Based
  • Political Advocacy
  • Wildlife and Conservation

Your Mission is Our Mission

Experience superior performance with InfoCision’s customer care and call center services, catering to both nonprofit and commercial clients worldwide. Let’s discuss the potential of our partnership.

Additional InfoCision Services

Unlock possibilities beyond the phone call with our comprehensive ancillary services designed to elevate your contact center efficiency and customer engagement.

ID Callers Faster and Improve Contact Center Efficiency

Instantly retrieve caller information with GoferID’s lightning-fast reverse lookup system spanning multiple databases. Prefill your agent’s screens, eliminate spelling mistakes, and maximize efficiency, all within milliseconds.

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ID Callers Faster and Improve Contact Center Efficiency

The Dynamic Call Routing Platform for Your Business

Experience expert call routing based on time of day, percentage, IVR prompts, and data lookup via API calls. Ensure incoming calls reach the most appropriate agents and destinations for seamless customer interactions.

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The Dynamic Call Routing Platform for Your Business

The Power of Data-Driven Marketing

What if you could reach the exact customer you wanted at the moment they would be most likely to buy your products? InfoCision’s innovative Business Analytics services enable your business to do just that, taking one-to-one marketing to a whole new level.

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The Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Simulated Call Center Training Makes Real-Life Perfection

Empower agents to handle every scenario with expert precision through realistic simulation-based training. Enhance call quality, empathy, cross-selling, and up-selling skills, all without compromising your reputation.

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Simulated Call Center Training Makes Real-Life Perfection

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Data-Driven CSAT Scoring

Prioritize customer satisfaction with CSAT training, gathering key data to improve interactions. Evaluate agent performance and take immediate action to ensure customer happiness.

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Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Data-Driven CSAT Scoring

Call Center Training Experience that Drives Results

Invest in training that drives returns on investment. Access our ready-made eLearning library or opt for a fully customized program. Benefit from 40+ years of experience, proven success, and cost-effectiveness compared to in-house development.

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Call Center Training Experience that Drives Results

Engage Customers Across Channels and Platforms

Enhance advertising efforts with promotion and service through chat, text, email, phone, and social media. Provide seamless experiences across various channels for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Engage Customers Across Channels and Platforms

Engage Customers Faster via SMS

Leverage the power of text messaging with an average open rate of 97% and 90% of texts viewed within the first five minutes. Add urgency to your communications and boost exposure for remarkable business outcomes.

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Engage Customers Faster via SMS