For over 40 years, InfoCision has been the leader in customer care and call center solutions – We provide a full spectrum of direct marketing services that help the nation’s top names build their brand by better serving their customers.

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Superior Call Center Services

With extensive experience delivering exceptional performance and customer experience for our clients, you too can join the top nonprofit and commercial businesses in the world as an InfoCision partner!

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InfoCision offers inbound and outbound consumer and B2B sales and services, business account management, lead generation, product support, customer experience management, nonprofit, surveys, get-out-the-vote, welcome/thank you calls, data verification, VoterID, answering services/virtual receptionist, credit and collections, tech support or social media management

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From call center to compliance or employee retention, we provide customer care services that benefit your organization or company. Every program is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our high-quality call center agents serve as your brand ambassadors. We offer a full range of inbound and outbound services, customized to fit the specific needs of each individual client. We incorporate innovative marketing strategies to expertly handle all facets of the market, including customer care, consumer and business sales, direct response, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, bilingual services, and so much more. From big-picture branding to campaign-specific script writing, your dedicated account team goes to every length to ensure you the greatest return on investment. Experience the InfoCision difference, and partner with us today!

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Go beyond the phone call and communicate with your customers through the platform they prefer. We provide you with either dedicated or blended support agents for all your customer service and sales needs through a variety of channels, including live, interactive chat, email, and text. As a supplemental or standalone service, multi-channel service is imperative to customer retention and will propel your customers’ experience into the next generation of direct marketing.

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Inbound intelligence in an instant. Our technology-driven Gofer platform automatically identifies the identity, location and demographics of 90%+ of your inbound traffic. Instantly analyze and prioritize the value of your leads, resulting in a custom experience with increased results on your most valuable customers.

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We provide your business a learning management system, house your eLearning curriculum, and track all reporting surrounding your courses, removing both the stress and cost of hosting your own LMS tool. Our robust tracking and reporting capabilities keep you organized with results at the tip of your fingers. Don’t currently utilize eLearning? Let us design and develop your courses for you! Our interactive eLearning utilizes multi-media gamification and adult learning principles to produce and engaging user experience that focuses on driving behaviors that deliver results.

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Through our simulated learning environment, your agents will actively practice positive habits and increase the quality and performance of their calls. Incorporating interactive learning, your training times are significantly reduced, and your role-play scenarios are greatly enhanced for a more beneficial agent experience.

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Texting is the quickest way to engage your customers in the moment. Messaging is the perfect business tool to positively impact how and when they interact with and view your brand. Engage your customers by creating urgency, increasing message exposure, and positively influencing the decision-making process. Add texting to your multi-media marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

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Elevate your marketing initiatives by using copy and images that speak to your specific audience. With a direct mailing service, you can send letters, postcards, brochures and other printed items to hundreds, if not thousands, of existing and potential customers. InfoCision’s Fulfillment services includes receiving and storing inventory, processing orders, pick and pack, and shipping. Trust InfoCision to handle your mail, print and fulfillment.

Our data analytics experts make one-to-one marketing simple. Add an extra layer of intelligence to your business and target the audiences that will deliver maximum performance and highest return.

  • Custom Model Development
  • Customer Profiling
  • Demographic Data Overlays
  • Cell & Landline Phone Append
  • Analytics Services & Data Visualizations

Our data analytics experts make one-to-one marketing simple. We customize models that include input, development, validation, customer profiles, and model reporting to best target those audiences that will have maximum performance and deliver the higher return for your business.

Our CCPA-trained agents are here to guide, document, and respond to your consumers’ privacy concerns. From acquiring toll-free numbers, to handling requests and executing multi-channel responses, we offer a full-case management solution to ensure your company’s compliancy.

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As your virtual call center infrastructure, we deliver inbound routing and outbound dialing services to call center agents allowing them to remotely perform the same functions as a full-service contact center. Our team provides the reliability and stability you need while reducing the support burden on your team, allowing you to focus on your business.