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Every Second Counts: Speed Up Call Back Time With R3 Rapid Response Routing

Immediately Respond to Any Customer Inquiry With an Outbound Call, SMS or Email

In today’s fast paced world, time is of the essence, and when it comes to customer satisfaction, one crucial aspect is the speed at which you respond to consumer inquiries. That’s where InfoCision’s Rapid Response Routing, R3, comes into play. Using our R3 API, we can quickly retrieve your customer inquiries and initiate communication within seconds. We will help you customize a specific cadence outreach plan by building synergy between phone, SMS and email components. Using ALL three mediums, in a timely fashion, will yield you more positive outcomes and a better ROI!

10x Higher Reach

The likelihood of reaching customers within 5 minutes is 10X higher than if you wait 10 minutes or more.

100x More Connections

Businesses who respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100X more likely to connect and convert opportunities.

Convert More Leads

By acting quickly, businesses can increase their chances of converting a lead to a sale by almost 400%, on average.

Increase Satisfaction

Quick response times make for happy customers leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Create a Better Customer Experience

By adopting our solution, businesses like yours can provide an unmatched level of service tailored specifically for your customers. With lightning-fast response times and efficient routing mechanisms in place, your team will be able to handle incoming inquiries more effectively than ever before.