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The Power of Data-Driven Marketing

What if you could reach the exact customer you wanted at the moment they would be most likely to buy your products?

InfoCision’s innovative Business Analytics services enable your business to do just that, taking one-to-one marketing to a whole new level.

Customer Profiling

To better reach your audience, you have to know who they are and what sparks their interest. We build profiles of your audience base using demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics—as well as habits and patterns—to help you identify new marketing opportunities.

Predictive Modeling

Just think how much more effectively and efficiently you could target your marketing efforts if you could predict behaviors. We help you identify people most likely to respond to your message, enabling you to adjust your strategy to reduce costs and increase profits.

Customer Mapping

If you were to look at a map of where all your customers and donors reside, you might be surprised at the results. We show you the geographic concentrations of your audience—pointing out trends you may not have known about that can have a significant impact on your marketing strategy.

Data Enhancement/ List Development

The more data you have, the more you can know about your customers and donors. Using our database of 300 million records, we can add demographic and psychographic information to your data to help you identify characteristics of your best people and create lists of prospects with similar traits.

Consumer Database

  • 125 million households & 300 million individuals
  • Built using 3 billion records from 100 different sources
  • Entire Consumer Database is fully refreshed every 60 days
  • 40 million landlines present in our data

We offer unmatched insights into the attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles and demographics of your customers. Our strategic marketing experts provide actionable recommendations for improving your bottom line.

Customer Profiling

Our top 5 key indicators

Household income

Homeowners vs. renters

Length of residence

Home value


Who you think your customers are

Think you know who your customers are? You might be surprised by the results. Which means your entire marketing strategy is wrong right out of the gate. To better reach your audience, you have to know who they are and what sparks their interest.

Who they really are

We build profiles of your audience using demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics—as well as habits and patterns—to help you identify new marketing opportunities.

Profiling allows us to tell you about your customers using our data. These are “snapshots” of who they are. This allows InfoCision to use this information to make actionable marketing recommendations to you based on your goals.

Improve average revenue per sale

Graphic showing growth

Predictive Modeling

Models focus on predicting propensity to mitigate uncertainty. InfoCision’s team of experts will create custom models to help your organization more effectively target your audience.

We target the best prospects using key customer indicators that predict the likelihood of a sale. Modeling delivers actionable results as it can be used to score records which can then rank order to them, so we can work together and develop marketing plans on how to treat and target these records.

Drive efficiency in order to drive improved ROI

Graphic illustrating improved ROI

List Development

  • These lists can be based on a profile such as males, ages 40 – 55, who earn $80k – $120k per year, and are heavy online purchasers.
  • We can pull a list based on the power of a predictive model where we score our database and pull only those records that have a certain score.
  • Using geo-targeting we can pull a list based on a region, a radius, a market or any myriad of geographic criterion for use.

Customer Mapping

Neighborhood Calls with Block Level Detail

Map of points

New Businesses Mapped Around Central Location

Map of circles

Distinct Customer Market Penetration

view of country with map plots

Data Enhancement

For a leading cable television provider, InfoCision’s Business Intelligence experts utilized demographic data overlays and created segmentation strategies that increased response rates by over 19% and drove down cost per sale by over 22% for our client.

Increased Response Rate


Campaign w/o Model
Campaign w/Model

Lowered Cost Per Sale


w/o Overlay

Call Center Performance Optimization

  • Improve Key Metrics
  • Identify Upselling Opportunities
  • Streamline Agent Performance Segmentation Strategies
  • Customized Reporting
  • Creative Strategy
Talk bubbles

Voice Analytics

We’ve invested in voice analytics software, which can determine things like how many customers said something similar, common objections, key words, what competitors are mentioned, script adherence, and if compliance language is followed.

Sound wave

Pre-recorded Scripting

Via our new InTelaResponse cell center, using pre-recorded scripting with live
Communicators behind the scenes, we can ensure the best presentation is given to prospects and ultimately speed-up calling on some types of programs.

Compliance & governance

ensures strict adherence to scripts, guidelines, policies and laws.

Ready to Turn Data into Results? Achieve Higher ROI with Analytics!